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Back in 2009, when Rich and I first got our own place, we bought two Billy bookcases from Ikea. We still have them now but they are awful. So unstable- they lean so far over that we have to prop them up with other pieces of furniture. This meant I was never too keen to put my books on them so, finally, we bought a new one!
Also from Ikea, but infinitely more stable, we opted for the Brusali model and it is perfect. I spent some time organising my bookcase so it's perfect for me and thought I'd take you on a little bookshelf tour.
The very first book is The Creature Vault for the simple reason that it won't fit on any of the other shelves. After that comes my fiction and non-celebrity biographies, organised alphabetically by author. I'm old school like that!
The bottom two shelves are for my non-fiction and celebrity biographies, again arranged by author. Only books I've read are allowed on this bookcase as I intend to buy a new one for my TBR pile, which is overflowing out of my bedside cabinet.


  1. Oooh you have so many books! I only usually keep a few which are my all time favourites as I'm not a huge fan of the clutter. I usually end up giving them away to friends to read but part of me wishes I could have loads of books like this! :) xx

  2. Ah, I love peeking a look at other people's bookshelves :) I have a separate pile for the 'to read' list too. Doesn't seem to be getting any smaller though...

  3. You have such a great collection, and it's nice to see somebody who has a shed load of books like me! I haven't read all that many of the books on your shelf, though, but the clothbound A Christmas Carol is one of my faves; so pretty, too.

  4. So many books =] Love the bookshelf, would love that in my room =]

  5. I love seeing home tours of smaller, sometimes overlooked spaces! Your book collection is fab and displayed on such a pretty case!

    Lynsay xx

  6. You have a beautiful collection over there!! I love getting the opportunity to take a peak at other book worm's bookshelves :) x

  7. Thanks for sharing! How wide is the gab from the floor to the first shelf?


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