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As I'm sure many people know, last week was Mental Health Awareness Week and, as part of the campaign for more awareness around mental health, Simply Health asked me to keep a Twitter record of positivity every day, in return for a donation to Mind. Always keen to help charities, I was on the case!


Day One
I was grateful for people who were so supportive and understanding while I struggled badly with anxiety.

Day Two I felt very productive and got a huge amount done, so that put me in a very positive frame of mind!

Day Three Fluffy pigs! I went to the farm in London, on a beautiful day, and spent a fantastic afternoon chilling with my husband and cute animals!

Day Four For the first time, I tried Periscoping a Q&A and it was hilarious. All about that seabass...

Day Five Eurovision semi finals! Yes! They put me in an amazing mood!

Day Six Today was a difficult day but I was overwhelmed with support from Rich and my friends. I also pushed myself to do something way out of my comfort zone so I was very proud of myself for that! 

Day Seven Getting my nails done with my mum always puts me in a good mood!


What impact did picking out the good have on me? Well, at a time when I'm hugely struggling with my mental health, it helped me realise that there is good in every day. It's difficult for me not to dwell on the difficult things but switching my focus to positives helped a lot. I realised that there is a huge amount of support out there and that good things do happen every day!

Positive thinking in this way is something Simply Health promote and they have a really handy article with five ways to think positively which is well worth checking out!

Give it a go! Tweet something positive every day and let me know if it changes the way you think about things.

This post was written in collaboration with Simply Health but, as I said above, I have not been paid to write it. Instead, a donation has been made to Mind. 


  1. I like this idea a lot. When your struggling with mental health issues its all too easy just to focus on the crappy bits. It's the little things I need to think is positive, for example, I got out of bed and went shopping today. Might not seem like much but I wanted to stay in bed and eat my weight in pizza ...

    Keep it up and I hope you feel better soon

    Charlotte |

  2. Picking out the little things is important, that's what keeps us going :) i write a weekly happy list on my blog and it has really helped me see the positives in my life, has probably even helped me start recovering (that and the meds lol). My friend, who also has depression, told me a quote along the lines of 'everyone with a mental illness becomes a philosopher' and I think he's right! We deliberately have to pick out the reasons for living, and put a why to everything. For me, science is my comfort. I reassure myself with the fact that we are connected to everything, and that there is so much we still don't know and so many exciting possibilities! I guess I'm lucky I find comfort in that and study it as well, so its a huge part of my life really :) xo
    amber love

  3. Love this idea a lot. I'm all about the positive vibes. And it is good to see that mental health is being talked about. I think I'm going to start posting something positive everyday, it's good to see the good things in our lives. Xx

  4. This is a brilliant post Becky, and I love that photo of you! I started a practice of writing down 10 things each day I was happy with and this has really helped in terms of anxiety and worrying. I definitely relate to you and think it's so important to talk more about mental health so thank you for sharing these brilliant posts! - Tasha

  5. What a brilliant idea. Such a great way to remind yourself to be positive and a great way to encourage people to talk about mental health. I wish you all the best with your battle with anxiety. I can only imagine how hard it must be. Sending you all the love x

    Caitriona | Blog


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