Nails // Blood Orange

Last time I had my nails done, I was annoyed that I had to resort to coral pink rather than the bright orange I had in mind. This time, I made a beeline for the colour I'd spotted before- OPI's Can't Afjörd Not To^. I was envisioning bright, summery nails for the warmer days and, while in daylight that's exactly what I have, inside it's more of a blood orange/ red-coral shade. I waited 3 weeks for this. What a let down!

Never mind, my mum has had her nails painted the brightest shade of highlighter pink known to man and I am going to get that exact shade next time. You better be prepared for it. It is bright! 


  1. Love the shape of your nails!

  2. It sucks when they don't come out right!! I do think a super bright orange is hard to find, maybe check out the Model's Own polish-for-tans next time you DIY? I do think this shade is gorgeous though, and the neon pink sounds right up my street.

  3. Ooo I like these! I miss having my nails done so much. I want some pointy talons! xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  4. Omg...I love this color! Not so much orange, in Florida, the footballs team is blue and orange! &lord knows, we get enough of that! But this color is fab!

  5. Oooo loving this nail color, gorgeous!

  6. I love this colour - but I know what you mean, it's a let down when it's not what you wanted

  7. I've been looking for an orange shade but can't find anything that is bright enough so I feel your pain! This is a lovely shade though, it looks really nice :-) And you have such lovely nails (they put mine to shame)!

  8. Ah I'm always about bright nails and love this colour!

  9. This colour is beautiful - so appropriate from Summer! Your nails are such a nice shape - tell me your secrets! They look so glossy and shiny! x

    Jasmine ||

    1. My secret? They're acrylic and I get them done at a salon! I am HOPELESS with nails!

  10. SO pretty! I definitely understand those kind of nail polish let downs, though! // US Lifestyle Blog

  11. You have the most perfect nails, the shape and length. I AM SO JEALOUS. Love the colour too.

    Sophie x


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