Graduate Fashion Week with George at Asda

This weekend, I had the pleasure of being invited to Graduate Fashion Week as a guest of George at Asda to take over their Instagram account. George at Asda were the principal sponsor of GFW this year so it was a huge honour and also a little scary. The pressure! Luckily, all the George girls were as lovely as you'd expect and fully welcomed me as an honorary member of their crew! 

Since the focus was on social media, all of my photos were taken on my phone and, of course, I took way more than I could ever share. Rather than let the unused photos go to waste, I figured I'd share them here so you can see what goes on at Graduate Fashion Week in addition to the catwalks.
My beloved pink skirt is from George at Asda. The polkadot top is Primark (I think), with Vogue sunglasses and my ever-present Crocs. 

Before attending the shows, I had the opportunity to wander around and take in the great designs that were on display. To my delight, there were many quirky, pastel concoctions such as this gorgeous raincoat by Jessica Lois Bailey.

There was also fluffy and furry textures everywhere!

One of the most fascinating aspects for me was seeing the graduate portfolios. It was really interesting seeing the inspirations for the collections and how they grew from quick sketches and fabric swatches into fully-realised garments.

Kirsty Goodison's (above) was my favourite. Can't imagine why!

After taking it all in, it was time to head to my first show- Norwich University of the Arts. With the George at Asda customer firmly in my mind, I began snapping away! 

Shortly afterwards, we headed to the second catwalk to see the UCA Rochester show. This was my favourite as so many of the collections were absolutely crazy (in the best possible way!). Unless George at Asda are going to start making hoodies covered in plush eyeballs, I kept the looks I shared on the more muted side, but I did snap this incredible collection by Lauren Ward for my own reference!

You can see more images from the catwalks, and in some cases links to the designers' Instagram accounts on the George at Asda Instagram.

It was such a great day and I had so much fun. A huge thanks for George at Asda for inviting me along!


  1. Great pictures! The clothing all looks so cool - especially the liquorice allsorts ones. :)

  2. Wowee you got some fab photos at GFW! I went today and it was great :)

  3. What a fantastic experience this was. I love seeing the process of design, when I did textiles for my A levels I loved the creating side of it (rather than the sewing)
    I'm going to check out your takeover now!
    Bee xxx

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! I photographed there about 4/5 years ago, and love the outfits.

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