Plus Size Polkadot Swimsuit

I adore swimwear but, as someone who is both plus-size and quite... ample in the bust department, it can be very difficult to buy. Either they're sold in generic sizes, which never fit my top, or they're available in cup sizes which rarely reach my size. Then, of course, when I do find something to fit, it's usually plain and dowdy. So imagine my delight when I checked out the House of Fraser swimwear department and found that they have swimwear up to a 36H! Rejoice!

The best thing? Every design is so adorable! The swimsuit I'm wearing here is the Minnie halter swimsuit by Lepel* and I am in love with it! Unlike any other one-piece I've ever worn before, it has a bra top which fastens with a clip at the back, meaning it gives me way more support than a standard swimsuit. True story: I used to wear bikini tops under my swimsuits so I'd have extra support. I won't need to do that anymore!

It's available in sizes from a 30DD to a 38G. I sized up on the band size since my cup is an H, but I didn't really need to. The cups are generous enough that I could have got away with my usual band size in a smaller cup. It's super comfortable (erm... I'm actually wearing it as I type!) and obviously is absolutely gorgeous!

If you're having trouble finding cute swimwear to fit, I fully recommend House of Fraser!


  1. You look smoking! Great swimming costume 👍❤️

  2. Finding a BRA that isn't dowdy is a big enough challenge - let alone a bathing suit! I've only recently found a bathing suit that will fit my cup size properly - and my ladies aren't nearly as large as yours. And that bathing suit is like super cute! I'll def be perusing this site on my lunch break today! :)

    xo Jenn

  3. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest!

  4. You hot mama you! LOVE this.


  5. I love this- I have the same problem! I'm a size 16-18 and have grown out of my 38DD bra. This looks lovely on you Becky :)

    Ashlie xx
    ( @Ashliecares and )

  6. You look so fab in this right down to the bow! xo
    -Cory U | Cory U

  7. ohh my! i love your swimsuit!

  8. Great post - gorgeous swimsuit which you look fabulous in �� I too am blessed with being a curvy woman who is well-endowed in the chest region - so I feel your frustration with buying swimsuits! Looks like I will be heading House of Fraser way this summer! Xx

  9. You look amazing. Such a cute swimsuit. Definitely be checking them out when I need to get a new one
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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