Review // Lush Rose and Lemon Face Mask

This is a momentous occasion for me- my first Lush Kitchen review! I didn't really understand how the Kitchen worked until recently and you better believe I've had my eyes glued to it ever since! Finally something popped up that I was intrigued to try. At the moment it's almost exclusively selling the Lush Oxford Street products, which I can just buy at the store and save myself the hefty postage cost. However, Rose and Lemon Face Mask is only available as part of a spa treatment and not to purchase individually, so I was super excited to try it out!
Review of Lush Rose and Lemon Face Mask
As you can see, this mask, made from fresh rose petals, lemon juice and cocoa butter, is a pink-clay shade and has a smooth, thick consistency. It's much easier to apply than some other Lush face masks as it has very little in the way of lumps and bumps, and smooths onto the skin really evenly. As a result of this easy application, a little goes a long way. Unlike, say, Oatifix, where you have to slap a huge amount on, this applies more like a very thick moisturiser. 

The fragrance is about as rosy as you can get! It smells very natural and has a heavy floral but is still pleasant, with just the tiniest hint of lemon underneath. While it's on the skin, it feels soothing and the scent is super relaxing, giving the perfect experience for unwinding.
Blogger review of Rose and Lemon Face Mask by Lush Kitchen
After use (it's also super easy to remove!), my skin was left looking radiant and feeling incredibly smooth. As I was removing it, I noticed some noticeable pinkness on my skin, and was worried I'd had a reaction, but it turned out to just be staining from the mask and washed off well. Two days later, my skin still felt softer and smoother than usual, and it looks so healthy. 

It's a shame this mask is so difficult to get hold of as it's perfect! I'll be keeping an eye out for it appearing in the Kitchen again!


  1. my friend had the treatment this is part of and says its fantastic. Can't wait to try it myself!!

  2. I'm completely obsessed with Lush and have been for a good year now! I so badly want to try this. I'm off to London next month and I will be heading straight for their Oxford street shop to get some exclusive goodies. Shame you can't get this! Loved the post :) x

  3. This mask sounds amazing!! Great review Becky!!

  4. Rose and Lemon, two of my favourite things combined. Lovely! What a shame they don't seem to sell it in store, this seems like something I would love to try but i'm not up for their postage costs. Happy Monday lovely xx

  5. Oh this sounds so gorgeous! The fact that it's hard to get hold of makes it even more desirable to me :)

    Lovely Witches

  6. Oh I love the sound of this! I might have to start keeping an eye on the kitchen to see what they have but I know I'm not going to be a fan of paying for postage if something I do want pops up x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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