2015 Survey Results

I'm going to level with you here: Collecting survey results is terrifying! I'm always petrified that someone's going to say "Oh and by the way, I hate you. Your blog sucks, everything you write is rubbish and you've been getting this obscure grammar rule completely wrong for years". Of course, it never actually works out like that. What I end up with is some really lovely comments and helpful suggestions on how to improve.
Because I'm a total sucker for statistics, I've carefully assessed the results and I'm posting them here, telling you why I asked the question and what I'll do with the answers. My diagrams are for illustrative use only so they're not accurate representations of the results.

These questions are related to what I post and how you feel about it.


I chose my five most regular features and, this year, I only allowed participants to choose one so I could see which features are the most popular. I was surprised to find FF is the most popular, although it's very closely followed by Can Fat People Wear...? with only one fewer vote. 

Again, I chose my five most-used categories to see which were most popular. Adventures, blogging tips and what I wore were very close, whereas books and beauty had exactly the same result. What's interesting about both this question and the one above is that every single option got at least 2 votes. 

Why did I ask these questions?
Because it allows me to create more of the content you like. If there had been any options with no votes, I probably would have stopped creating them although, with these results, I don't need to do that. I will focus a lot more on the top results though.


This is the awkward bit because it feels so much like boasting! Most responses mentioned my personality in some way (usually along the lines of being friendly, funny and relatable), followed very closely by my writing. Shoutout to the person who said they like my spelling and grammar! Other common responses were the variety of posts and the helpful and/ or informative nature of them. As well as these top 4, I also had a lot of people say they read because of my honesty, my plus-size fashion focus and my mental health awareness. These were all great comments to read! Thank you everyone for the kind words!


This question is where I get nervous because it's your opportunity to say you hate me! Luckily all of the suggestions were sensible and respectful so I had nothing to worry about! A hugely popular suggestion was more fashion, which is definitely something I'm focusing on at the moment. You may have noticed that recently there have been more OOTD posts so keep an eye out for more of these and other fashion-based posts soon. Another popular suggestion was more life-based posts, such as a Day in the Life series. I used to do this but stopped a year or so ago, so this is definitely something I'll be reviving shortly. A few people mentioned food which I would love to post about but, unfortunately, I have no talent and hardly any interest in cooking, baking, preparing... anything other than eating, really. More beauty posts beside reviews were suggested, which is something I'm going to look into, and another popular suggestion was magazine reviews in the style of Becky Reads Company. 

Why did I ask these questions?
For the same reason as the previous two- to get an understanding of what you like and what you want more of. I'll definitely be increasing my fashion and lifestyle posts, as well as strongly considering magazine reviews like I used to do.


These questions are all about you and your reading behaviour.

It's not a surprise that most people found me on Twitter, nearly always through a Twitter chat! However, I was surprised to see so many people were referred to my blog through someone else. A couple of these were named so I'll be sure to thank them! I was also surprised that the majority of people who responded have been following for more than 2, and in some cases 3, years. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me feel to have loyal readers who stick with me for years!

Why did I ask these questions?
These answers help me know how people are finding my blog, and therefore which promotional tactics are working well. Here I've learned that my interaction on Twitter really is useful but also that other people deem my blog helpful enough to recommend, which is lovely! Knowing how long you've been reading for helps me understand more about the whether my blog is engaging enough for readers to stick around which, evidently, they do! 

Again, it's not a surprise that Twitter is the most popular and Periscope, the newest platform, is the least. There were a few people who follow on every single platform which is very much appreciated!

Why did I ask this question?
Knowing which platforms are popular tells me where my readers are so I know where it's best to interact (and share my posts, of course!) However, it also shows me where I could up my efforts a bit. For example, Pinterest is a platform I love and I have a fair few followers on there, but it seems few of them are also blog readers. This shows me that I could make my readers more aware that I am on Pinterest.

These results are interesting because I can see that more of you are reading on mobile devices, and most of you just read when you see me on Bloglovin'/ Twitter/ Feedly, so my promotion is working fairly well.

Why did I ask this question?
Because it helps me make things easier for you! As most of you read at home, I can make my posts longer than if most read at work on your lunch break (although a few of you do so I won't be writing 5000 word essays!) I know that it doesn't really matter what time I post as you usually just read when you see me pop up on your feed, but evenings are popular. Although most of you use your laptop to catch up, more of you use mobile devices in general, so I need to be on top of my mobile optimisation.




As I expected, most readers are UK-based and aged 21-30, so around my age, although the biggest response came from people slightly below my 27 years. I haven't included the gender question here because only one male responded, meaning my readers are predominantly female.

Why did I ask these questions?
A number of reasons. They help me make sure my content is relevant to you, which is also relevant to me- a UK-based 20-something girl. However, it's also useful information for PR and means that any brands I work with are relevant to you. 


There are always some responses that I feel deserve special attention. Perhaps it's a particularly good idea, or it's given me something to think about. I've picked out those answers that really made me stop to think and responded to them below.

"I would prefer more detailed posts even if they're less regular, rather than short posts once a day".
This really got me thinking. I had a good, hard look at my editorial calendar for the past and coming months and thought about what I could have removed. My conclusion? None of it. I love everything I've posted too much. I totally understand why people prefer blogs not to post daily and I really did take this comment on board but I like the balance I get by publishing a stream-of-consciousness post on panic attacks one day followed by a short hand gel review the next. 

"More 'how to' style posts"
I have been meaning to do these kinds of posts for roughly the past two years! The thing that holds me back is whether I actually have the ability to style items, you know? I'll give it a whirl though!

"More variety rather than sticking to the same schedule of posts"
This was really interesting because one of the most common reasons people said they followed was the variety. To be honest, I'd recently been worrying about whether my posts were too varied, so it's interesting that someone would prefer more! I'll always post the same content- beauty, book reviews, Friday Favourites etc- so, to me, it makes sense to have these on set days with a mix of posts in between. I really appreciate the comment but, at least for now, I'm going to be sticking to my schedule.

"Maybe your legs? You always wear those black tights"
I will admit I am terrible for this! I am way too over reliant on my leggings! (Partly because it means I don't have to shave my legs as often!) However, I will definitely take this on board so keep an eye out! Ps: Here's a post with lots of leg!

"An Ask Becky section"
I LOVE this idea! Back when I was doing YouTube, I intended to set it up as a series. Actually, just the other day I was thinking about bringing it back as a blog post so I'll find some room for it! Perhaps I'll start with a one-off and see how it goes down.

"I feel like you could be a really big voice for teachers"
I would love to be able to write more about education and you better believe I have so many posts brewing in my brain but I just can't due to the whole professional image thing. I do plan on writing a post about my route into education but I'm saving that for when I'm in a better place mentally. Maybe I'll start an anonymous teacher blog!

"Your thoughts on big current events"
One of my favourite ever posts was that on the election and who bloggers are voting for so I'll definitely consider writing more about current events! 

"More Lush"
I don't know who you are, but you are my kind of person!


Out of interest, I had a look at last year's survey results so I could compare.

I was surprised that my Day in the Life posts were the most popular last year, so I'm not sure why I ever stopped them. Unsurprisingly, Becky Reads Company was also highly-rated. Like this year, my adventures were the most popular category, followed by what I wore and beauty (I had fewer categories then). The responses to "Why do you read?" were almost identical, although it seems I'm more helpful this year! This is good as writing helpful posts was one of my goals at the start of the year. Apart from fashion, it seems I've addressed what readers wanted more of last year as adventures, opinion and reading were barely mentioned this time. 

In terms of behaviour, it's interesting to see the change in how you read- mobile devices featured a lot more heavily this year, and fewer people use Bloglovin' these days. My average reader has gone up in age now and I didn't have a single male respondent last year!


This has been a hugely helpful experience and I'm excited to start making some changes. I definitely want to get more done in the way of plus-size fashion and I'll definitely re-introduce my Day in the Life posts. A huge thank you to everybody who took part (almost 100 of you!) 


  1. This is a very interesting post. It must be fascinating to see who exactly reads your blog and what they like! I think an Ask Becky section would be amazing, you're so good at giving advice, (and you've helped me out a lot on twitter when I've asked in chats!) so I think that would be a really great topic on your blog. I love the variety of posts but it's definitely not too varied! Becky Bedbug is one of my favourite blogs :)

    Seren xo | Pepe Silvia

  2. Really loved the way you showed the results - was so clear and really interesting. I'm a relatively new follower of yours but I found you through twitter too. I think definitely your personality is my favourite thing about you as that shines through so much in your blog :)

  3. Really interesting! I've been a reader for yeeeeears, and I would say I've seen a real change in your blog as it's evolved. To me, Becky Bedbug is becoming a blog ABOUT blogging, with so many posts with tips for other bloggers, and insights into your blogging schedule, blogging organisation, blogging photography tips etc. I definitely think there's a place for that, and it's a place you're filling. I personally love your honest lifestyle/ OOTD posts, but as your blog has evolved, you've learned so much that you want to share with other bloggers- so fair enough! But I always have a wee smile whenever I see one of your old-school style posts pop up. Those are my faves, I've got to be honest! Keep it up, Ms Bedbug. xx

  4. This was such an interesting read! I made my own after answering yours and I've already had so many great responses. Apart from two people saying they wanted to see less about my dog! :(
    I do actually love your nail posts though!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  5. This is so interesting! I might do one for mine, I'd love to see what type of posts people enjoy from me.

  6. Soooo.... that was totally me who said I wanna see your legs! :P

    xo Jenn

  7. I love how you've set this up! Really interesting to see the answers too!


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