Thorpe Park in the rain

As a reward for being a super-duper employee, Rich was given 2 tickets to Thorpe Park courtesy of his work. How amazing is that? Every business should reward employees with theme park tickets! Unfortunately, it was heaving down with rain, but did we let that stand in the way? Of course not!

We bought tacky ponchos and I was delighted to find they sold pink ones! Funnily enough, theme parks are usually best in the rain. They're a lot quieter and people tend to accumulate in the covered areas so the queues are much shorter. We went on Saw in the pouring rain and it was hilarious! I made the mistake of leaving my hood up and it flew right into my face so I could see absolutely nothing! At least I stayed dry! Rich was shouting "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" around the whole ride as the rain lashed his face and afterwards he looked like he'd just stepped out of the shower!

Caution: Cockroach photo ahead!

I'm fascinated by the people who design the sets of the park- The queue for Saw was really creepy with dismembered mannequins lying in overgrown weeds.

The longest queue of the day was an hour wait for the new I'm a Celebrity maze. Pumping into the queue was the theme tune which I ended up timing to establish it was 31 seconds long. A 31 second song on loop for an hour! I never want to hear it again!
There was some distraction in the form of a man walking past the queue with a huge hissing cockroach. I despise cockroaches but managed to bring myself to stroke its back. To my surprise, it felt quite slimy! 
I'm going to level with your here. The real reason I wanted to try out the maze was to get a picture of me "with" Ant & Dec. I bloody love them! My favourite celebrities are Ant & Dec, Rylan and Joey Essex. I'm so classy! 
I got a free download with the photo but it's such poor quality that this is as large as I can publish it (and it's still badly pixelated!). Thorpe Park are trialling a new deal where you pay £30 and get every digital download from your day, but not physical copies. If they're all this quality, I wouldn't recommend it!

We had a great day and it was wonderful to finally visit a UK theme park with Rich! I'm not sure how we've managed over 7 years without visiting one as a couple but there you go!


  1. Looks like a great day out - and what a great reward for being a good employee!
    I definitely wouldn't have liked touching a cockroach though - just the picture makes my skin crawl.

  2. I love Thorpe Park! I actually organised a trip for some of the students at my work there today, but I couldn't go. Boo :( Also, I had no idea The Swarm was now backwards?! I'd actually love to be a set designer for ride queues, it seems like such a fun job!

    1. Most of the seats face forward but there are two rows at the back that face backwards. They're the best seats!

  3. You rock that poncho!
    I haven't been to Thorpe Park for years, I'd love to go soon as there seems to be lots of new rides.

    Christie x

  4. Ewww I hate cockroaches they're so disgusting XD I love Thorpe Park though it's so much fun! xx

  5. I've never been to a theme park - EVER! I am a wuss with heights so I can't imagine I'd have fun on the rides. >.<
    It should be something I put on my bucket list though, just to say "I've done that" :)

    Looks like you had a great time, poor Rich getting beaten up by the rain on Saw, although to be fair going on a ride with a hood over your face would probably make the ride 10 times scarier, so I'm not sure which is worse, attacked by rain or attacked by hood xD

    Juyey xx


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