Review // Soap & Glory Hand Maid

Bless the Lord for Boots' travel minis, amiright? On my way to the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour, I suddenly realised there'd be no sink to wash my grubby London hands and ducked into the shop for some hand sanitiser. This one was pink and cute, so it was a no-brainer.

This bottle is just 50ml so it's the perfect size for fitting in even a tiny bag, and super convenient. On opening it, the scent is initially a sharp grapefruit scent which reminds me of another Soap & Glory product but, not being a massive fan of theirs, I can't remember which one. However, once it's applied it smells incredibly strongly of alcohol. Remember that nit shampoo you'd use as a kid that would sting your eyes from the stench? It's exactly like that. I know it's antibacterial so it's hard to avoid the alcohol but I did not expect it to be this strong!

Having said that, it does apply smoothly and, although it takes a little while to absorb, my hands feel super soft after, with no stickiness or dryness at all. Despite the problems with the fragrance, this is going to have a happy home in my bag. Until it runs out, that is, at which point I'll return to my faithful Carex!


  1. I actually love this stuff. I have a bottle in work, in my car and in my handbag.
    Although the smell is strong, I like it, it makes my hands feel clean but that's probably me just being a bit mental.
    Hope you find another that you really do love.
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

  2. I absolutely love the stuff, and funnily enough I adore the smell!! hahaha personal preference though :)

    I am too dependant on this!! I try to not use it TOO much

    Kayleigh xoxo

  3. I don't mind the Soap and Glory one, but have you tried one of the PocketBac ones from Bath and Bodyworks? I usually get mine from eBay and they have ALL the smells and are amazing!


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