2013 in review

I'm not going to start with the old "Wow, I can't believe 2013 is over already!" chestnut because actually, I can! A year has passed and it feels like a year. I know. Controversial! So I thought, being the end of the year and all, I'd take you back on a trip through a year of Becky Bedbug. 

Some of you lovely readers will have been reading throughout the whole year (Thank you!) and even more of you will have joined along the way. This time last year, I had 573 readers (yes, I keep records, ok?). Now I have over 1200. How did that happen? 

So if you've been here all along, consider this a trip down memory lane. If you're a newcomer, enjoy catching up with what we've been doing this year! Ready? Let's go!


January in 120mm I intended to make this a monthly feature. Unfortunately, I didn't do too well with remembering to use my film camera. New year's resolution right there!

A-Z of Becky: R is for Rich I made clear my love for the geek in my life! 


Judy's Vintage Fair at Spitalfields: Street Style I love writing street style posts, although I wish I did a lot more of them. 

I loved getting Myles' opinion on my style

London Fashion Week AW13 I do enjoy people-watching at London Fashion Week! 


4 women who inspire me I'd forgotten all about this post! I must do another one soon! 

My mummy! I wrote all about my mum for Mothers' Day. She didn't read my blog at the time but she does now so I hope she enjoys it! 

A note on My Chemical Romance I'm just going to leave this here. It still hurts too much to talk about. 


Brand New tattoo design When I posted this up, I regretted it. I thought it was awful. Looking back, I really like it. Maybe I'll do some more of these. 

Organising yourself as a blogger I still think this is the greatest post I ever wrote. 

Our 5th anniversary More smushy stuff about how much I love Rich. (Although, needless to say, we didn't marry in 2013. Maybe 2014...)

Many faces of Myles My brother has a gift. He really does. 

In all honesty I reveal my hidden secret- My whole life is a state! 


Bank Holiday picnic I mostly like this because I put the teddies in straw hats. 

An open letter to Company magazine The beginning of my love-hate musings. 

The Oh! Bedbug Day of Fun I only went and met Leona IN REAL LIFE! 

Benefit Stay Flawless Bloggers' Party I love Benefit. I love bloggers. Win-win! 


A real festival fashion guide Because a white cheesecloth dress will not cut it in real life. 

Blog redesign It's been 6 months since I invested in a total design overhaul and I am still so, so in love with it! 


On being plus size Opening up on the dilemmas of being a chubby blogger.

Be more dog I went indoor skydiving. What now? 

30 facts about Becky What more could you want? 


Brighton Pride 2013 I finally attended Pride! 

An attempt at a pakora recipe It turns out I'm not great at cooking Pakistani cuisine! 

Highgate Cemetery The most beautiful cemetery ever! 

On Dermatillomania I compulsively pick the skin off my body. It's as lovely as it sounds. 

(No image here because Blogger keeps deleting it for some reason!)
Grammar for bloggers Because ranting on Twitter isn't enough


My forward helix piercing: One month on What to expect with a forward helix piercing

5 tips for offering advertising on your blog AND

5 tips for offering sponsorships on your blog Everything you wanted to know.

Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter Again.  

Emotastic The finest examples of my emo prime! 


My Metro fame I was in the national papers. Oh yeah!

#Superblogger My favourite Halloween costume ever. 


Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop I still love this dress! 

On feminism Unpopular opinion.


Tree Erection Day With Leona. Yay! 

Clothes Show Live with Echo Falls Clothes everywhere you look! 

Muppets Christmas Carol at Prince Charles Cinema A festive, Muppety singalong? Ooh yeah! 

Winchester Christmas Market Oh lovely, lovely Winchester! 

Phew! That post took a long time to write! I hope you enjoyed my whistlestop tour of 2013. Stick around for next year? 

December in review

I'm so sad that December is over! It's my favourite month of the whole year and now I've got another 334 days until it starts again. Sigh. At least I have a whole week off work still. Ooh, yeah!

I decided to stick with my December in review post, even though I've got a 2013 in review post coming up this evening. It might be a little repetitive but it's only one day a year so never mind.

Favourite outfit

I always love my Christmas Eve outfit! This red lacy Primark number is no exception. Festive goodness!

Favourite shoes

The penultimate of my 52 shoes were only £5 and I absolutely love them! 

Favourite book
Well, Of Mice and Men is my favourite book of all time, so I had to choose it, didn't I? 

Favourite day out

My trip to Winchester, visiting Winchester Cathedral and Winchester Christmas Market, was a lovely festive day! 

Other favourites

My blog is two years old! Wowee!

I was a very lucky girl this year, judging by my Christmas presents

Christmas Day! Of course! 

I had a wonderful time watching Muppets Christmas Carol at Prince Charles Cinema

Leona came to stay and this made me very happy. 

Word of the month

Well, I knew this was going to be an easy word of the month, and I was certainly correct! Let's take a look at how I did:
What a great month December was! Only 11 months until the next one...


101 in 1001 XIIV

December hasn't been a particularly busy month for 101 in 1001. I blame Christmas! 

#12 Attend a blogging event
Not strictly a blogging event, per se but I went along to the Clothes Show Live as a blogger guest of Echo Falls. 

#96 Read 75 books
This makes a grand total of 47 this year. I'm going for 50 next year which will get me way past my target of 75! 

#61 Take an Old Me Now Me photo
I've been meaning to do this for the longest time. Finally I did it. Yay!

#101 Watch the backlog of films I've downloaded
Why has it taken me this long to watch Nativity? It's amazing! It's my favourite Christmas film ever! 

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