Pub lunch with Leona

When Leona came to stay this weekend, Rich had the fantastic idea of going to the local pub for a Sunday lunch. It was beautifully decked out in Christmas decorations!
Red and gold: The only colour Christmas decorations should ever be! 
The pub is called The Squirrel, and it has this adorable little squirrelly guy! 

Doesn't this just look so cosy and perfect! 
My yummy roast!
My boo! 


  1. Just lovely! I'm getting very festive indeed x

  2. Aw looks like a really lovely pub. You're right, nothing looks as wonderful as red and gold decorations!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

    1. It's a lovely, quiet pub. I actually wrote my entire dissertation sitting in there!

  3. It looks lovely and cute. Hope you had a nice time :)


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