Becky Reads Company: January 2014

This looks like a promising issue: It seems to have a big focus on Youtubers. It even uses an apostrophe correctly on the front cover. Good job, Company! 

The Good

I'm on the lookout for the perfect pair of black ankle boots, so this feature was very helpful to me! 

As I am a big fan of the digital friendship, I loved this post about sharing that friendship on social media. However, I do disagree with the comment that people don't get annoyed by an onslaught of photos on Instagram. 

The Bad

I feel reluctant to put this in the bad section as it was quite an interesting article, but surely everybody knows that most celebrities aren't actually the ones tweeting on their accounts? 

The Ugly

Yes, I'm going to talk about hashtags again. There are three on the front cover alone! One of them doesn't even use the symbol. It literally says "hashtag"! Excuse me while I stick pins in my eyes. (Hilariously, the editor's letter actually references the fact that they over-hashtag. Then does it again. Sigh!) Don't even get me started on the use of "Insta-glam". Is this the new "-spiration"?

And, erm, that's it! What a letdown! Not much good, not much bad. Just a very bland issue. Maybe next month will be more exciting! 


  1. I really look forward to your Company post each month and I was sure that (bitchy) hashtag comment in the editor's letter was because of what you have said before! I feel like the tone of the magazine almost comes across as a little desperate to be popular if that makes sense? I used to love Company but I have to admit it's definitely not a magazine subscription I will be keeping in the New Year! xx

    1. Haha totally agree with the desperation comment. It's like someone's over-enthusiastic younger sister who wants to be friends with all the cool internet kids.

    2. Totally agree with both of you! The way the letter says "we've created an online and social persona that feels modern, innovative and always ahead of the curve". Erm, no. Hashtags are none of those things!

      As much as I wish the editor's letter was aimed at me, I'm sure she's far too busy forgetting her English lessons to read my advice!

    3. I agree on the 'desperate' feel sometimes. I definitely used to love Company, but I feel like nowadays it's trying a bit too hard sometimes, which is a shame as it used to be the magazine I really identified with :(

    4. I agree as well with the desperate thing - why else would you use hashtags on PAPER?

  2. #Totes #Amaze, I actually look forward to Company coming out for these blog posts alone. However this post was def not scathing enoug... Insta-more-caustic next time ;D

    1. I want to say it's because they threatened legal action but, actually, it was just a really boring issue!

  3. We don't get Company here in America, but I love reading your monthly Company posts because it's almost as if we did.
    And, I'm with you about hashtags. Just stop. Wait, no, #juststop.


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