My Blog-Once-a-Day Challenge

A real conversation with Rich last night:

Me- "I need to post something for tomorrow when I'm away"

Rich- "You don't have to!"
Me- "Yes I do! I've posted every single day this year except once in January and I'm not giving up three weeks away from the end of the year!"
Rich- "Post about how you've posted every day then".

So, here it is. I'm away at the Clothes Show today and, although I did have a post planned for today, I didn't have time to take the photos during the week. Rather than just post this up on its own which, let's face it, is a bit of a cop out, have a look at some of my favourite Christmas posts from last year:

Christmas Eve

Winchester Christmas Market
My Worst Christmas (Caution: Don't read if you're squeamish!)
Tree Erection Day

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  1. congrats on posting nearly every single day!



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