Stephanie wrote all about her teddies and they're adorable! 
I love Jes' Year of Self Love Jar.
LOOK AT THIS ALAN RICKMAN TATTOO! I know none of you will believe this but I promise I wasn't looking up Alan tattoos. I was just researching tattooists and stumbled upon it. Incredible!

Elf remade with pugs. I don't need to say anymore. 
1000 years of war in 5 minutes. Us Europeans love a war! 

Ok, let me start by saying I totally disagree with astrology. The descriptors for each sign are so generic that they can apply to anyone (Gemini has two sides? An introverted and an extroverted? Really?) and don't even get me started on horoscopes. Every person in the world that was born in May is going to come into money on the 24th. Sure. However, I did find these Celtic zodiac signs interesting just because I'm an Oak and it says that Oaks are most likely to become teachers. Good guess. Shame about the bit that says they're likely to be comfortable in large communities.

Best of Buzzfeed (and some other places)

17 years after it was originally released, the cast of Matilda reunite and act out iconic scenes. (Yeah, 17 years. Man, I feel old!) Remember Bruce Bogtrotter, the chubby kid who ate the cake? Well, he certainly grew up! Wow. 

How middle class are you? I got 0% and I wasn't even trying to influence the results. Woohoo! 

Why Home Alone 2 is the most disturbing film ever. I read this when I was off work ill and laughed so hard I brought on a horrendous chesty coughing attack. It was worth it. 

Talking about Home Alone 2, I have always wondered why they didn't notice Kevin's ticket at the airport in Home Alone. This explains it! Woah!

I manage to stay clear of most of these teacher clichés, but I definitely use 1, 2, 6 and 8 on an almost daily basis. In fact, I do the "It's your time you're wasting" so much that some of the kids have started saying to the others "Be quiet! You're wasting our own time!" 

You all know I love the film but this cynical dissection of Love Actually is hilarious!


  1. I will admit that I have looked up Alan Rickman/ Snape tattoos. I have a shameless infatuation with Snape. That one is pretty darn awesome tattoo!

  2. Oh my goodness, that Alan Rickman tattoo!
    Though I admit, I look at the beautiful faces of Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Alan Rickman on a daily basis, I have yet to think about tattooing their faces on my body. Good on that person who got that too! It's a good one, too!

    1. I think I'd like to date someone who has Alan Rickman tattooed on them. Imagine waking up to his beautiful face every day!

  3. That Love Actually link had me laughing so much.

    1. It's pretty much exactly the commentary Leona and I had whilst watching it!

  4. 25% middle class. I'm quite proud of that!


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