Diaries behind-the-scenes: Early years

Now that I've shown you a peek into every one of my diaries (bar the current one, which is just too recent to allow access to!), I've reached the end of my diary series. However, as I constantly carried my diaries around with me, I used to use the back of each one as a kind of notebook. I'd jot down any important information or thoughts that came to me. Basically, anything I wanted to remember. As an epilogue to my diary series, I thought I'd show you some of these notes.

I've divided my diaries into three sections: Early years, emo years and Rich years. Just wait for the emo years next month- You're going to be seeing some pretty special song lyrics I made up!

Cally (March 1999- April 2002)

In my very first diary, I didn't really use the back of it as a notebook. I seem to have mainly used it for testing pens as there's scribbles galore. However, in the right corner, it does say www.RBLover@Genie.co.uk. Clearly I didn't know how email addresses worked! I can only assume that this was my best friend's address as her boyfriend at the time had the initials RB.

There's also lots of practises of what is now my signature (obviously from the time I decided to change it), and the name Katie Bale- What would have been my friend's name if she had married RB- written twice in my own handwriting. What's up with that?

Emma-Rae (April 2002- January 2003)

The lyrics to Tale as Old as Time, along with a seriously questionable cartoon doodle of a face.

Two huge wishlists, including (amongst others) a Burberry bag and purse, Gareth Gates poster (preferably signed!), Tommy Girl perfume, 'Pop idol: A star is born' video, small buddha statue and pot of Vaseline.

Tallulah (January- June 2003)
In this diary, and the next one, I seem to think my name is Becki. Who knows what that's all about? 

I have these statistics from my GCSE mocks written in the back, which includes:

English paper 1- C+
             paper 2- A

             Overall- B (Highest in class)
Graphics- B (Highest in class?)

What were they teaching in my school for a B to be the highest result in the top English set?

It also says 34B= 5/03. 34C= 12/03. You know, just in case you wanted to know my bra size through the ages.

Esmée-Lola (June- August 2003)

30th November

(Nope, I have no idea what that is!)

A whole bunch of letters. Perhaps a code? Including:

If you have any idea what they might be, let me know.

Francie (April- June 2004)

A whole bunch of usernames and passwords (neither of which are my passwords these days so there's no point trying them!). There's also a mock up of my art GCSE and a little reference to my then-boyfriend's name which gave me quite the shock when I saw it. He wasn't a very nice person, as it turned out. 

Lily-Marie (June- August 2004)

Nothing except this in massive letters. No idea who "she" is or who I was talking to.


  1. I had a thing where I added an extra y at the end of my name and when as Hayleyy for ages. It's also now my email!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Haha amazing! Why do teenage girls do these things?

  2. Hahaha, I was so rubbish at keeping diaries. Even when I wrote in them my mum would sniff them out like a police dog and read them :( hashtag traumatised.

    Danniella x | www.famousinjapan.co.uk

    1. I was lucky as my mum was very respectful about my diaries remaining private. At least, I think she was...

  3. I kept diaries through many years too. Sometimes I read them, it's a laugh.

  4. These are so creepy but funny at the same time... I so wish I kept my diaries, I always found them like a year later, realised how embarrassing they were and ripped them up!! What can I possibly laugh at now!? xxx

    1. Oh no! I had an online diary which I deleted. A huge shame as I'd LOVE to read that one now!

  5. How weird, I had that exact same pink fluffy diary with the lock and my best friend had a purple one. We thought they were so cool.. x

    1. Nothing cooler than a fluffy diary! My best friend had the purple one too haha!

  6. Oh my gosh I absolutely love this. I need to pull out my old diaries now haha! Thanks for sharing and making me giggle :)

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  7. I just cleaned out my old bedroom closet at my parents and pulled out the old journals and diaries I had. I definitely had one with a lock on it. I mean, all those secrets pent up in my brain had to be kept safe! Haha!
    This is awesome. I love trips down memory lane! :)


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