Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour

Back in 2009, I was travelling on the motorway at night towards the middle of December and I saw a Coca Cola Christmas truck drive past, all illuminated. Nobody else in the car saw it and I was convinced I'd imagined it. Then, a couple of years later, Coca Cola started the Christmas truck tours. I knew those trucks existed in real life! 

This year, they stopped off in Reading which is a station I pass through every day on my commute. There was no excuse not to stop off and see it! I met Rich in Reading and off we went to find the truck.

There was a looong queue to have a photo taken with the truck: Probably about an hour long. In the freezing cold. To stand on a platform for a photo and get a free can of Coke. I wasn't down with that. Instead, we walked to the side and took our own photos, ignoring the security men telling us not to stop and take photos. Rebellious, I know! 

It's so pretty and magical!

There was a bratwurst stall next to the truck and, since I love all things German, Rich convinced me that it was a good idea to share one. It was yummy!
 I wish I'd seen the Käsekrainer before we ordered! 

I seriously just love anything German! I think I was driving the (very English, very grumpy) sausage man mad by reading out everything in a terrible Anglicised accent!
 I love the way the lights reflect in the river!

It was super duper foggy all day today so the whole riverside had this eerie orange glow. 
After a spot of shopping, we popped into Yo! Sushi where I was overwhelmed by the smell of my Lush bag (I might have bought myself some presents!). As I sat there, with my head stuck deep inside the bag, inhaling that lovely Lushy smell, Rich somehow forgot to tell me that the waitress had approached our table. She was bent double from laughter. Embarrassing!
We also tried a hazelnut hot chocolate from Starbucks. I actually quite liked it! Becky in hot drink shocker! Although I was disappointed that they didn't write my name on the cup. This was my first time at Starbucks and I was looking forward to that. Ah well, I'll just have to buy another one I guess...


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening! I had to laugh about the Lush bag incident haha :) xx

  2. Oh those photos of Reading make it look really beautiful with the fog and the lights! I always think that bit of town looks a bit of a mess! The truck is so cool though, wish I knew it was there! xx

  3. Haha they've got me in their clutches!


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