Review: Popbands

When I was at Clothes Show Live, I made a point of visiting the Popband stall. I'd heard a lot about them and was desperate to try them out. Their selling point is that they leave no kinks or dents in your hair and, when you take them off, you can wear them as a bracelet.

I settled on this pastel-coloured multipack as you know I love my pastels! They are really, really stretchy and feel great. Unfortunately, they're nowhere near as secure as the standard elastic hairbands. They are pretty though.

On the wrist, they're a lot nicer. There's none of that annoying digging-in or red marks that you get from standard hairbands. They're very comfortable and remind me of festival wristbands. However, I don't think it's worth splashing out on just for that reason.

They cost around £5 for an individual band with an adornment (£4 is the cheapest and it's £15 for a Swarovski special edition) which is very expensive for what is essentially a hair bobble. Multipacks are better value at £6 for 5, but it's still a lot more than you'd pay for a pack of standard hairbands.

Would I recommend them? Unfortunately not. I'll be sticking to my usual Boots multipacks. 


  1. I have a few of these and they were given to me but once they stretch out too much the shape doesn't look nice anymore. :(

  2. Oh they're pretty! Much better than the classic black hairties!

    XO Imkd

  3. Im really glad you reviewed these- I was really tempted to buy some for kink free hair but they don't sound worth the price at all


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