Review: Lush Secret Santa, So White and Creamy Candy

When Rich and I went to visit the Coca Cola truck, we had to pass the Lush store. Although I tried my best not to look, the smell drew me in and I couldn't resist buying myself a few (more) Christmas presents! I love how cute the onomatopoeical bags are!

Secret Santa

The name of this confuses me because it doesn't seem in any way related to the product. It should be called Santa's Grotto or something. (Edit: Later I found out that this is because there is a Santa bath bomb inside, except when we chopped it up into quarters to use seperately, there was nothing inside). Anyway, I've picked this up a lot in the shop purely because I fell in love with the packaging but, for £5.75, it seemed pretty expensive. Whenever I gave it a sniff, I couldn't pick up any particular scent. Then I found out that this is actually modelled on the original Lush store in Poole and is fragranced with the smell of Lush itself, hence the reason I couldn't smell it. I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. Oh my goodness, it's amazing! It really does smell exactly like the inside of Lush. Heaven on Earth, I tell you!

So White

Another thing I don't really understand- Why this is a Christmas product. It smells like apples. Apples aren't particularly festive. It smelled nice as a dry product (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it!), but when I put it in the bath, it ended up smelling really musty. It reminded me of that attic smell, if you know what I mean. Despite the white appearance, it was pink inside and turned the bath a bright reddish-pink shade. Fun for playing shark attack but there's not much else great about it, unfortunately. 

Creamy Candy

This one isn't from the Christmas range but I fell in love with the scent straight away. I am such a fan of the candyflossy, bubblegummy fragrances from Lush and this one is perfect! It's so lovely! 

I don't think my Lush love affair will ever end! 


  1. I do like candy floss and it's so great that you can split into a few chunks to make it last longer :o). Xx

  2. The Creamy Candy is my all year favourite bubble bar I can't help picking it up when I pop in, the smell is gorgeous and the little bits of cocoa butter in it are gorgeously moisturising!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. It's AMAZING! I'll definitely be buying it again!


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