Top outfits of 2013

I have to admit, I really didn't post as many outfits as I would have liked this year. I started this blog as a personal style blog but I've certainly been slacking off on the outfit posts this year. I promise to change in 2014! 
It was a snow day! I wore my fluffy racoon jumper (I still love this!) and my Crown and Glory headband which has unfortunately gone awol.

I only posted one look in February. Eek, that's not good! This is still one of my favourite outfits ever though. So much sparkle! 

This one hurts me to type because I miss these shoes so much. I left them in my old classroom cupboard over summer and, by the time I returned in September, they'd been accidentally thrown out. It physically hurts me. 

Woah, I posted a lot of outfit posts in April! 10 in total. I think I went on a massive Primark haul so there was a lot to show off. This is my favourite one- I love the colours and I'm pretty fond of my hair here too. 

Making like a Swiss milkmaid for a Benefit event. I picked up this top for a couple of pounds in a charity shop. Bargain! 

Working the bowler hat, which I think is in Missing Headwear Land with my Crown and Glory headband.

The comfiest jersey dress ever! I wear this all the time- It's one of my foolproof work outfits. 

I don't wear these glasses anywhere near enough. It's a real shame as I love them. I'm definitely going to make it my business to wear them a lot more in 2014! 

Harry Potter dress. That's all I need to say. 

Yes, I dressed up as a unicorn. And what? 

My Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop dress is my favourite dress of the whole year. I love it so, so much!

And now we come to the end of the year! This jumper might not be original but I blooming love it! 


  1. Lovely outfits! The unicorn one is amazing! :)

  2. LOVE these! Your style is so classy and adorable...please do more posts like this one! Hope you had a good christmas..:)

  3. Love your "milkmaid" top but your Madame Kirchhoff dress is my favourite look of yours from last year :)

  4. So many adorable outfits!! You look gorgeous and I am in love with your style


  5. My favourite is the bowler hat outfit, I love the pinafore!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  6. Love all of the outfits but Feb and September are my favourites. Especially Feb's outfit, it really suits you. :) Can't wait to see LOTS of outfit posts in 2014 ;)

  7. LOVE all of these! You're so creative with your style, refreshing after samey 'whole outfit from Topshop or ASOS' that seems to go on in other blogs. You're a wonderful inspiration. xx

  8. All your outfits are adorable!


  9. You look cute in everything! Your unicorn costume was awesome.

  10. The unicorn outfit is just pure amazeballs. Amazing outfits x

  11. My favourite is June's outfit, you look gorgeous!x

  12. I love february's jacket.... I NEED IT!!! where did you get it? And Unicorns are the best!


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