Muppets Christmas Carol at Prince Charles Cinema

A couple of years ago, my friend Christie mentioned this cinema in London that plays quote-along Wayne's World screenings. After a bit of research, we discovered that they show loads of classic films to quote and sing along to and today we finally got around to visiting it. The Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square, is a tiny little two-screen cinema that shows films such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mean Girls and a whole host of Christmas classics during the festive period. We chose to see the Muppet Christmas Carol Singalong since, you know, it's one of the greatest Christmas films ever!

Marie and I met Christie outside the cinema, where there's this pretty awesome Charlie Chaplin statue tucked away. 

After a quick stop off to CyberCandy, we visited the world's smallest Ed's Diner (probably) for lunch. Their burgers and chips are incredible, and they play such great music too!

Leicester Square had been turned into a miniature festive village, with a little fun fair and some food huts.
And massive penguins. Of course.

We thought it would be an awesome idea to go on the ferris wheel, conveniently forgetting the fact that all three of us are terrified of moving at heights. Great!

It was especially terrifying when we stopped right at the top. It was windy. Very windy. The cab was rocking all over the place. I think we nearly cried. 

We got a cracking view of London, though. Who needs the London Eye?

A bird's eye view of Leicester Square.

When we had safely returned to lovely, stable earth, we headed over to Picadilly Circus.

Turns out those horses are very, erm, accurate.

Look how cute this is! The Statue of Eros has been turned into a massive snow globe!
I've been to Leicester Square so many times but I never realised just how many theatres are in that area! Marie and I are hoping to go and see The Book of Mormon soon. 
We passed the Trocadero and popped in for a go on the dance machines like it was 2002. I won but, to be honest, we were both absolutely terrible!
We got to the cinema a little early, which was a good move as seats are not allocated and the show was completely sold out. There were a fair few people who didn't get to sit together. 
There was a fancy dress competition which was won by the only person in fancy dress- A girl dressed as Beaker who you might just be able to make out on the right, next to Gonzo.

The show was absolutely amazing- So much fun! They display the words to every song so everybody could sing along, and the crowd really went for it. It was very funny and so uplifting, especially when we all cheered when Gonzo reveals that Tiny Tim didn't die! 

I can't wait to go back! I'm seriously looking into becoming a member. I think I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time and money down there! 


  1. it looks like you had a really nice time :D the photos are lovely!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time! We don't have any sing-a-longs near me, but if there was, I would abuse it hardcore. The inner theatre student in me longs for that!

  3. I love this cinema! I went there to see The Room a couple of years ago and have been itching to go back. I wish I'd known they were showing The Muppets' Christmas Carol, it's such a good film!

    1. They do it every year so you should go next year!

  4. What a lovely time!! I wish we had a movie theater around these parts as wonderful as yours!!

    1. It is a great place. I was very lucky to hear about it!


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