5 tips for running your blog when on holiday

It's that time of year again! You're likely to be visiting relatives, or perhaps migrating for the winter. Perhaps you're worried about how to keep your blog running smoothly whilst you're away. Of course you don't want it to come to a standstill, but at the same time, you don't want to spend your whole break worrying about it. Hopefully these 5 tips will give you some ideas.

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule
I'm not going to talk about scheduling any more than I already have. Ok, you need to devote a fair bit of time and effort to it but once it's done, your posts will publish automatically and it will be like you've never been away. Perfect solution!

2. Guest posts
Some people might be a little apprehensive about guest posts. However, there are lots of ways to ensure quality posts and keep your blog consistent. You could ask trusted blogger friends to post and give them some guidelines so they know what to include. Rather than relinquishing control over your blog, you could ask them to email the content to you so you can format it in a way that's consistent.

3. Social media
Leaving aside your actual blog, social media is a great platform to keep your readers updated throughout your holiday. Twitter, Instagram, even YouTube if you have the time- Anything can be used to supplement your blog. Just be careful not to spam your readers- Nobody wants to be that "holiday photos" person. Oh, and if you're going abroad, make sure to check all your data first. Who wants to come home to a £200 phone bill?

4. Blog on the go
There are so many places with free wifi these days- Hotels, airports, trains. It's everywhere! Make the most of it and use it to blog on the go. Quick updates of highlights from the past few days don't take long to post and keep your blog updated easily.

5. Make the most of it!
Whether you're visiting your great aunt's house in Swansea, or travelling to LA, there is bound to be inspiration everywhere. Take full advantage of the unique opportunities in the local area as a chance to bring some fresh content to your blog. The places you visit, the people you meet; All of these are ready-made posts for you to whack up without spending hours at the keyboard. 

Of course, you need to make sure you have a great time too! The key is to create quick, easy posts whilst retaining the quality that your readers are used to. Don't make the mistake of living through your camera- Make time to put it down and enjoy yourself! 

If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments. We all love helpful advice! 


  1. Great advice :-) Thanks!

    Helen X

  2. Great post, perfect advice! x

  3. Just letting you know I reblogged this too :)

  4. I actually don't mind having downtime on the blog when i'm away, I'm not a blogger who feels the need to have a post constantly flying out, and yeah it's nice to schedule but it's also nice to just let it sit for a while. But I certainly agree with making the most of your trips away or even just a blogging break to get some fodder for new posts!


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