Christmas Eve 2013

It's Christmas Eve! Woohoo, exciting! As is the tradition in my family, we headed to church (late as usual) for Christingle and then chilled out at my Grandma's for a bit. 
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Next

I wore this lovely lace dress which was only £10 from Primark. Billy bargain! It's really stretchy so it's super comfortable and I love how festive it is!

 Here's my face! Bam! 
When I was little, my grandma used to take me to church and I would just chill out in the graveyard. I think it's why I like them so much these days. 
They'd made a little nativity scene outside the church entrance. Not quite like the one in Home Alone! 
We were very late so had to squeeze into a pew. When the vicar encouraged everyone to sing along to the Beatles (yeah, the famous hymn All You Need Is Love!), I had to help Myles with the lyrics. Then the old woman behind me jabbed me really hard with her finger and said "Can't you behave in church?" I was so confused and it hurt so, so much! Ouchies!

Happy orange!

I know this photo is insanely blurry but I love it too much not to include it. Myles is incapable of taking a nice photo!
Crazy Becky is excited about Christmas!


  1. haha i hate it when people get all angry like that in church, so annoying haha merry christmas!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  2. Lovely post! I have never attended a Christingle - I don't think they have one at my Church. Love the dress! :)

    1. Oh really? If it's a Christian church, you should find out if they do. I think most churches do and they're lovely and Christmassy!

  3. bah bloody humbug to the woman in church!! Merry Christmas Becky :)

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly

  4. Oooh, lovely dress! I think I tried it on in my local primark, but it did not suit me AT ALL, weep weep! Merry Christmas when it comes :) xx

  5. Oooh i love your dress!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! xxx

  6. Gorgeous dress! They have a slightly similar one in Next but it's far too expensive (£60!) for something I'd only use once or twice a year.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! :-) x

    1. I'd definitely rather get the £10 Primark one!!

  7. You look so cute! I'm in love with your dress. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  8. We used to sing the beatles in school assembley, all you need is love, yellow submarine and little help with my friends. My bf always mocks me because they aren't 'proper assembly songs'

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  9. Happy belated Christmas!
    You looked so pretty in your festive lace dress. It's such a pretty color on you! I really like the sparkly flats with it too.


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