Word of December: Christmas

Ok, so this might not be the most imaginative word for December but, let's face it, December is all about Christmas! I'll have to be more creative next year but this will do for now!

So, let's take a look at my Christmas-related goals for December.
  • Post four Christmas-related posts a week.
  • Have five Christmas-themed days out.
  • Vlog my Christmas celebrations.
Who else is excited for Christmas? It's my favourite time of the year! 



    I get two Christmas' these year,
    One when I visit home with my family,
    And actual christmas down here with the boy.
    I can't get the time off work so instead I get two days! :)

    Kelly from :)

  2. So excited!!! It took a while for the Christmas bug to bite, but now that it has, I am loving every minute of these holidays :)



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