Toby's letter to Santa is so cute! 
Candyfloss decorations! So adorable! 
This minimal nativity scene is amazing!
I love Becca's homely gift idea

Other stuff
Lines from the Harry Potter books that should have been in the films. Lupin </3

How much do I want this giant beach ball? Only more than anything I've wanted ever! 

14 burning questions about Love Actually. If you watched it with Leona and I, you'd know this is how we think! 

On a similar note, Leona wrote her own list of questions about Love Actually

This is why I love working with children

I had no idea how much Christmas songs make in royalties. I'm off to write a Christmas classic! 


  1. That Christmas letter is precious!
    "A baby brother or sister so I can make the rules" Aw!

    And, I agree, Becca's homely gift idea is so lovely, I might do it just for my flat to smell good, haha!


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