Leila's photos from her Christmas tree shopping are wonderfully festive. 
Leona posted all about her weekend with me
Sarah wore Meadham Kirchhoff to a Grayson Perry exhibition and this makes her my new favourite person. 

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! 
Every Friday, we watch an episode of Horrible Histories before hometime. This Charles Dickens-does-Morrissey scene might be my favourite sketch ever!
You could not be angry with this adorable little guy
Scallops swimming are hilarious! 

Other stuff
I love these candid photos of Elvis. He was so beautiful! 

Never say these things to a bisexual person.

Which Love Actually character are you?


  1. I love your FF's; they catch me u on the good things that happened in the blogosphere.


  2. The video of the scallops is amazing! I never knew they swam so high up in the water- I thought they just skimmed the sea bed! They almost look like the heads the baby Audrey Two's from Little Shop of Horrors! Haha!

    1. I thought the same- That they just scuttled along the bottom!

  3. New favourite person is quite the honour! Haha. Thank you :D

  4. Love the Charles Dickens sketch, definitely my favourite Horrible Histories related thing - and I love all the HH things! :D xx

    1. I definitely think I love it more than the kids! There have been times when a kid said "Do we HAVE to watch Horrible Histories this week?" "Yes! I'm the teacher and I say Horrible Histories!"

  5. I'm not usually a fan of those dog-shaming things but that little guy is just so adorable!x

  6. Ps. I got Judy! I'm a porn-lighting-person-thing... x


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