Review: Bomb Cosmetics

At the Clothes Show, I was attracted to the Bomb Cosmetics stall like a magpie. It smelled so good and the products were absolutely adorable! I couldn't resist treating myself a little! I bought a selection of bath blasters, creamers and mallows but, to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what the difference between these product types are.

Bah! Humbug Bath Mallow

This bath mallow has a wonderful Christmas creamy spice scent. It's very warming and has a definite cinnamon fragrance with shea butter encased within. The festive scent is amazing. I've never experienced a bath product as perfectly Christmassy as this. It's also insanely creamy. It made my skin feel so smooth and soft. Although it looks small, it takes a long time to dissolve so a little definitely goes a long way. Absolutely perfect! 

Lavender Bath Creamer

This creamer is super duper creamy! I had to be careful though, as it made the bath really slippery! The lavender was my favourite bit- As the ball dissolved, the lavender petals (Are they called petals?) floated around in the bath and looked like little bugs. I felt like I was on I'm a Celebrity! It smells amazing, with lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and pine notes, and it left my skin so moisturised. 

Snowcone Bath Buttercup

I think this is the Snowcone Bath Buttercup, although the product image has a Father Christmas instead of a snowman. It's a lovely spiced apple scent (even Rich walked into the bathroom and said "Mmm, fruity!") with hints of cinnamon. The sparkles on the top make the bath all sparkly and, as with the others, make my skin feel lovely and smooth afterwards. 

Free Love Bath Mallow

This one is really, really, really thick and creamy! The most moisturising of the bunch, it left my skin feeling incredible! It has patchouli and sandalwood scents which create a woody, musky smell and, of course, the cocoa and shea butters are wonderful. The little flower is cute but it looks so cheap. Such a shame! 

The Glitterati Bath Creamer

I'm going to admit it: I only bought this because it was red and glittery. It does smell nice too, though. It has such a warm, enveloping scent of ylang ylang and rose. I'm not usually a fan of rose, but, combined with cocoa butter, it's very warming and comforting. I was glad that the glitter was only a thin surface covering, so it wasn't like I was bathing in the Hobbycraft stock room, although it did still stick fast to my skin and glue itself to the bath tub. Definitely not one for the morning! 

Harajuku Girl Bath Creamer

This is a really fruity bath creamer, with orange and pineapple. It's a very refreshing scent. As with the others, it's extremely moisturising and makes my skin really soft but the flower is the same cheap one as before which is a shame.


  1. They look absolutely amazing with their little cupcake shapes and the colors are so inviting. I've never tried any of their products but Lush certainly has some competition here :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. ohhh the lavender bath bomb sounds amazing! what day did yo go to the Clothes Show?

  3. We bought these the other day as Christmas gifts for people! They all looked amazing and I was pretty gutted that I couldn't try them out myself :( X

  4. I'm so glad you wrote a review on these as I've not seen then but wanted to try them for ages! They do sound amazing!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  5. These look amazing it's so nice to see a review on bath bombs that are not from Lush I sometimes forget there sold in other places too! Lovely Christmas selection would make great stocking fillers :) xx


    1. Haha I have to admit, I do love a bit of Lush!

  6. These look absolutely incredible, wish I'd have gone to the Clothes Show now

    youngandfoolishhappiness.blogspot.co.uk xoxo

  7. Ahh they all sound SO nice! I would have totally gone for the red glittery one too, sometimes glitter is necessary!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  8. I was looking to buy some from this company, your review has been really helpful. Thank you.


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