What's on my Christmas tree

You may not have noticed (ha!) but I blooming love Christmas! As I mentioned earlier this month, my tree goes up on 1st December every year without fail. 

We have a big artificial tree that we bought from Argos in 2009, when we first moved in to our own place. I know there are a lot of real-tree purists out there but when I was 7 we had a real tree. Our living room at the time had shag pile carpet (classy, I know!) and we were still being stabbed by needles when we moved out of the house, so I've got a bit of an aversion to real trees! 

We were very lucky with our tree. It's a humongous 7ft tree that was retailing for about £100. However, it was half price and we had some Argos vouchers so we ended up paying about £10 for it in total. Bargain! 

I'm ridiculously traditional about my decorations. They need to be red, gold and nothing else! Most of them are from Wilkinson's. We spent about £20 on a billion decorations but I wish we had some more. I want a completely covered tree. Every year I say that I'll get more but I forget every single time! 

A couple of years ago, Rich started buying me a new decoration every year as a Christmas present, so I'm building up quite a collection of special tree ornaments. 

This squirrel was the first one he bought. He likes squirrels which I think is why he bought it. I like him too much to keep him locked away in the Christmas tree box all year, so he lives in the kitchen for the rest of the year.

I love this massive one, although it's always difficult finding a good place for it! 

This was last year's decoration. Of course they didn't have my name. Nowhere ever has my name!

This year we bought decorations a little early. We bought these ones when we went to Harrods a while ago. 

Every year, we go to Winchester Christmas Market and buy pomanders. Because they're dried fruit, they last for years, although these ones are a little rough around the edges now. I'll have to buy some new ones at the weekend!


  1. Oh I love your tree! My mam has a white treat and decorates it with Lime Green baubles to match our living room. I hate it, I'm all for the traditional tree haha.
    I can't wait to get my own home and my own tree!
    Kloe xxx

    1. Oh no! I'm definitely a traditional girl when it comes to trees!

  2. They sometimes have my name, but never spelled correctly (Caitlin)! I totally want that ornament. XD


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