52 Shoes: Review

Back in January, I made a vow. I was going to wear all those shoes left languishing on my bookshelf by the front door: One different pair every week. 52 shoes in 52 weeks. As it stands, I didn't quite manage it. However, I did photograph 31 pairs (there's another pair that I forgot to put in the collage above) so that means I was only 21 short. Not too bad, I guess! Oh, who am I kidding? It's terrible! 

As the final week, have a look at these crazy shoes that I got on Everything5Pounds. They're surprisingly easy to walk in, although I do have all the grace of a giraffe ice skating on stilts when it comes to walking in heels, so I'm not sure I'll ever actually wear them out. They were only £5 though, so how could I resist?


  1. Those lasts ones look killer! How do you actually walk in them whats the technique I've always wondered?

    Think I'll stick to my boots!



  2. Lovely shoes! My favourites are the ones with the anchors on! :)

  3. Woah those last ones are crazy ha cool though!

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  4. I don't own more than ten paris of shoes, so to manage 31 shoes is pretty good going! What a fun little challenge for the year :)

  5. I literally can't believe you got those shoes off everything5pounds! Are you a miracle worker? This is such a sweet idea, some lovely shoes to lust over here too!

  6. I love you 52 shoes post- I can't believe you own that many shoes 31 is a different pair fir every day if the month. I've just looked in my wardrobe and it makes me sad I dint own that many :(


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