Victoria's post on why you should never give up what you love is so inspiring. I need to start dancing again!
I am insanely jealous of all the books read in April by Jennie.
Kat visited the Harry Potter exhibition in Paris and I wish I'd been there! 
Carrie has been to Tokyo Disneysea and I want to go! 
Dana's colourful living room is everything I want in an interior.

Other Favourites
Amber's post on why bloggers who don't disclose give us a bad name is spot on!
"Favourite" is the wrong word to use here but Erica's post on not talking about our health is a very important one to read.
Happy blog birthday, Katy!


  1. thanks so much for sharing my post (again!) here Becky... the commentary off the back of it has proven that we DO need to talk about these things more, so the scare factor is GONE, and we can start to feel like we're all in this together again. thank you thank you x

  2. Ahh thank you for the mention - I had been wondering where a surge in new readers had come from! xx

  3. I'VE ONLY JUST SEEN THIS. <3 you babe. Thank you!!! xxx


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