My posting schedule

I like being consistent. I'll admit, my consistency game hasn't exactly been strong lately but it is something I work hard to achieve. Some people may have noticed I have a routine to my posts (high five to you if you have!) but I've realised that I have never laid down my posting schedule before. Obviously, sometimes things get in the way and I don't manage to stick to this schedule, but this is what I try to maintain.
Mondays are free days which have no particular focus. On Tuesday afternoons I publish a general book post. This is anything book related apart from reviews. Wednesday evenings are reserved for beauty reviews and Thursdays are another free day. Friday afternoon is when I publish my book reviews and Friday evenings are for my Friday Favourites. Saturdays are also free days but Sunday evenings are my second beauty review of the week. 

I also have a monthly schedule. The exact dates vary because, for example, Fridays are always taken up by book reviews and Friday Favourites, but this is a rough guide of key dates in relation to my regular series.

2nd- Charity of the month
5th- Tips/ advice
9th- Can fat people wear...?

15th- Sponsor shoutout 1
20th- Can fat people wear...? (I'll shortly be introducing this as a fortnightly series)

22nd- Sponsor shoutout 2
25th- Tips/ advice
29th- Camera roll
30th/ 31st- 101 in 1001

Now, if there's a particular category or series you like, you know exactly when to check in. Although, of course, it would be nice if you had a catch up regularly just to see what else is going down in Bedbugville!


  1. This is such a cool idea. I too tend to post on certain days and times. Do you find morning, afternoon or evening posting is more successful? I'm currently trying to work out how to use Google Analytics so I can get a better idea how and when is best to post. I'm finding it really confusing though :/ x

  2. Interesting seeing how you post! I had a really good schedule but with recent exams I've kind of fallen off of it! Definitely need to get back on it after this week :)

  3. I think this is really good! I write a blog also and was considering doing something similar but maybe as a Blogger Page tab :) Your blog is beautiful! xxx

  4. I absolutely love organisation, this is fabulous!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  5. Your organisation and forward planning is amazing! Wish I could be this focused!
    Neesha | Reinventing Neesha

  6. Such a great way to organise your posts! Your organisation is envious!
    Olivia xxx

  7. Can you come and organise me please? I'll pay you.. not quite three figures though ey ;)

    Dannie x


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