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Kerri, of Crumbs in the Bed, is someone who I've known on Twitter for a Long Time. Capitalised for emphasis. In fact, over a year ago, I wrote a post about how awesome her blog was. Back then, she was Blue Hair in Belgium but that all went a bit awry when she dyed her hair orange.
Anyway, Kerri has relaunched her blog as Crumbs in the Bed and I am here to tell you why you need to check it out. As I mentioned in my first post, she visits awesome places around Belgium and beyond, has super easy recipes and a really cute, quirky style. Besides those (frankly very good) reasons, here are three more.

Oh God, I think I cried laughing reading her Free Shit Friday post. Seriously go and read it now. Not only are the reviews comprehensive and balanced, but her frank honesty cracked me up. I'd love to see more of these posts so, if you're a brand, go and send her some free shit, yeah? Kerri's nine important life questions of the moment are really funny too and I can totally relate! 

Yes, I'm massively superficial but pretty photos are important to me, OK? Luckily, Kerri has skillz. My favourite are the photos of springtime in Leuven but I also love her photos from the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Oh I am a sucker for a cute animal on blogs! Kerri has a gorgeous Syrian hamster named Sir Pork Chop and he is so adorable that I want to squish him! As always, Kerri has approached this post with her usual frankness, which is something I truly respect.

You can also catch up with Kerri on Twitter, which I recommend as she has a real quick wit and great sense of humour. I'm sure her knowledge of Belgium will come in handy for me one day!

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  1. Thank you for saying such lovely things and thanks for having me in your side bar!!

  2. Woo someone new to read about =]


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