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I have a confession to make: I bought a new foundation online and didn't try it in store first. I know, it's crazy talk! However, I wanted to try NARS and my nearest stockist is a pain to get to. Besides, I don't like people going near my face. Rather than face the trauma of hoping for the right shade under fluorescent light, I took a punt and dived right in. The good news? The match was perfect. The definition of perfection. 
NARS Weightless Luminous in Mont Blanc
Of course, I'm obligated to tell you to go and get your foundation matched instore but, if you have issues like me, here is how I found my perfect foundation shade online.

Know your skintone

I know that I have very pale skin so I Googled swatches of the foundation I was after to identify the lightest shades. The palest shade for NARS is Siberia, which looked yellow-toned. Next is Mont Blanc which, while a bit darker, is more pink toned. At this point, I knew that I was looking at either one of these.

Cool or warm?

Yellow-toned foundations are best for warm skin, while pink-toned is better for cool skin. I wasn't sure which I was so I turned to Google (of course). Since the veins in my wrist appear blue/purple, I burn easily in the sun and have very pink cheeks, I was quick to realise I had cool skin. This meant I'd need a pink-toned foundation, so Mont Blanc seemed like the best option.

Compare with known foundations

Once I knew which shade was likely, I compared it to shades I already wear. With MAC, I'm halfway between NW10 and NW15, although the latter is a little too orange for me. By Googling swatches of Mont Blanc alongside NW10 and NW15, I could see that it fell right between the two but was more pink-toned. Perfect!

Another way to compare is to use a site called Findation. It tells you which shades are matches across a huge range of brands. 
MAC NW15 vs Benefit Pure 4 Sure vs NARS Mont Blanc swatches
L-R: MAC NW15, Benefit Pure 4 Sure, NARS Mont Blanc

Of course, the best thing to do is try before you buy but I found my research worked out well for me!


  1. I always compare new shades next to faves I already have. Theres a few sites too wherre you can input shades you wear and it suggests matches.

    Sophie x

  2. I actually think this may be my ideal shade too... maybe I'll take a punt on it and try it out! I wish more companies sent out samples of foundations - I don't have all the beauty counters in my local area, but I don't want to make an expensive mistake by buying the wrong one!

  3. My nearest NARS stockist is also a nightmare to get to, what's with the lack of availability? However I think without knowing my MAC colour, online research would be too tricky for me - fab tips if you do know, though!

    Claire | | xx

  4. I never really have a problem myself with ordering foundations online (I'm always the palest shade so that's my only trouble - if it's pale enough!) I used to use a site though called Findation for when I was conflicted between two shades :)

    Frankie | Crazyblondegal

  5. I do this too! I'll rather google and double check everything before going to the store to buy it. Knowing your MAC shade really does helps since people compare foundation shades to those.

  6. I was looking for a post like this! This is so useful, usually I just buy the palest foundation available but for prom I was considering buying something a little more expensive, but I have no time to go to the shop. Thank you so much Becky!

  7. I always hate trying to match my skin online, so thanks for the tips!

    xo, mikéla /


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