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Last week I made the exciting announcement that I'm writing a book and included a link to my survey, asking what you'd like to see in the book and how much you'd expect to pay. I got way more responses than I expected (over 70) and every contribution was so useful to me! 
Since so many people took the time to help me out, it seems fair to let you know what the results were and explain how I'm going to be using them.


These percentages don't add up to 100 because there was an option to add multiple suggestions.

I asked what content you would like to see in regards to organisation and had some fantastic responses. It was great to find out that the chapters I'd already decided on are popular options, and they gave me great suggestions for extra detail to add.

As well as the relevant responses, I also had some suggestions that don't quite work for an organisation book. For example, motivation and inspiration were very popular. Although I won't be including these in this book, they're still super useful for a potential future book, if all goes well with this one!


For this question, I wanted to get an indication of how much you would pay for a 50-page ebook. The responses varied wildly, from 50p up to £25, but the vast majority were in the £5-£10 mark. I discarded the lowest and highest so as not to throw out the calculations and then found the average of the remaining results. Now I'm pretty sure how much it will cost but I'll announce that at a later date when I'm sure of all the details.


Well, I have used these results to tweak my chapters to make sure all the information you want to read is being covered and to set my pricing. It's been super duper helpful so huge thanks to everyone who took the time out!

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  1. Very excited for this! Never been interested in blogger publications before but I find all of your advice genuine, from the heart, and well informed :) GO GIRL! xx

    Ness from


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