I cannot wear heels to save my life so this post on how to walk in high heels is very handy!
Shannen's Captain America-inspired outfit is adorable!
A lovely, positive post on why you're a better blogger than you think.
Katy's photos from Valldemosa are gorgeous!

It would be wrong to call the following posts "favourites" as they deal with some serious issues. However, they are all so poignant and important that everybody should read them.

Kirsty (who is also a teacher, FYI- time for the government to start tackling mental health issues in teachers?) has written a very important post on the consequences of stopping medication.


  1. Woo more blogs for me to read =]

  2. Love these posts so much :) great way to find new blogs! I love posts that include other links too, I do one and include stuff like feminism or scientific articles that I want to share! :D xo
    amber love

  3. Oooh, definitely going to check out a few of these (i also super love this series of posts of yours... I've backtracked and embarrassing amount of them!)

    Fii || little miss fii


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