Happy Birthday Leona!

If you're familiar with my blog, you'll know my BFF Leona. More so if you've ever followed me on Twitter. In fact, I'm pretty convinced that there's at least one person out there who genuinely thinks we're in a relationship. We're not, although I wouldn't exactly mind. You know, if Rich and Alan Rickman were both wiped off the planet. 

It's her birthday today, so, as she's turning 24, I thought I'd write a little list of 24 things I love about her. It can be her present. Sorry, Leona, no presents for you this year. You can have the gift of love. (I lie, she does have a present!)
1. She isn't offended by anything. I don't have to worry about anything I say because she'll find it funny.

2. She loves Harry Potter just as much as me. Which is really saying something! 

3. And she's a Slytherin.

4. She's always got my back and is not afraid to fight my corner. With swear words. 

5. She's freaking hilarious! 

6. She texts me MCR lyrics out of the blue. 

7. If I insult her,she insults me back. 

8. She's a babe!

9. Her hair is gorgeous.

10. She showers me with compliments. 

11. We can watch endless repeats of Love Actually and still find something new to criticise.

12. She doesn't share my love for Alan Rickman or Richard Osman (more for me!) but she doesn't judge either. 

13. I can text her at any point and know she'll reply with exactly what I want to hear.

14. She's basically a slightly younger version of me!

15. I love how cynical and sarcastic she can be.

16. We always know what the other is thinking. We can do "the look" without being in the same county.

17. She posts cute Rex pictures.

18. Which means she's a dog person- Clearly superior!

19. We've been known to end up buying the same Primark items so she obviously has great taste!

20. She isn't put off by my tweeting her IN BLOCK CAPITALS.

21. My emo days are rivalled only by hers. Oh, how I wish we were friends in 2005!

22. This means she always understands my nostalgic emo musings. 

23. When we got out, we both need to sit down all. the. time so I don't feel so lazy!

24. She's just the best! 


  1. YOU TWO ARE THE CUTEST! Becky this is adorable! Xxx

  2. Aww, this is so sweet, Becky! xx

  3. This is a fantastic post! Don't know her, but she sounds happy birthday! :)


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