Polly's outfit is so crazy but I love it! 
I'm not going crazy- Vintage nightwear is totally a thing! 
Becky's miniature dachshund is so cute! 

Weekly Wishlist
A Polaroid cushion? Yes! 
Speaking of cushions, this little pug cushion is the cutest thing ever! 
Such a cute passive-agressive bunny sweatshirt
The print on this Harry Potter-inspired skirt is made from the locks of Gringotts vaults. 
It's impossible to choose which of these Brand New lyric posters I want the most! 
I need this unicorn jumper in my life! 

Other favourites
Who wants to see a llama partying to DMX?

I had a go at this quiz to see if I can still do school maths. Thank the Lord I got full marks! 

I'm a big fan of poetry. I think it's hugely underappreciated but that's a post for another day. This list of life changing poems features both my favourite poet (Philip Larkin) and my favourite poem (Mid Term Break by Seamus Heaney). There were a lot of poems new to me here and a fair few of them made me cry. Poetry is amazing. 


  1. Yes to poetry advocacy! I may be biased (I am a poet after all!) But poetry is such a vital thing, and spoken word artists are making it so accessible to young people too! I'm doing the Hammer and Tongue National Poetry slam in June - definitely worth a look if you're into your poems :)

  2. Brand New lyric posters asdfghjk need! xxx

    1. I've got a Brand New notebook in my FF post this Friday!


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