Becca has the coolest job in the world: A real life party princess
I love Kailey's pink-on-pink-on-pink outfit.
Bess has shared the most beautiful photos of the Harry Potter Studio Tour
Claire has a wonderful rainbow collar clips DIY.
Speaking of DIYS, Carrie's bunny make up bag is adorable! 
This is so true for me! I'm so eloquent but you'd have no idea if you spent 2 minutes listening to me speak! My speech is peppered with "like"s and "erm, so"s. It's terrible!
Look at these pastel unicorn cookies
Speaking of biscuits, Toni's biscuit project is awesome!
Liu Bolin's art is amazing. He camouflages into everyday scenes so well that he's known as The Disappearing Man
I love the new M&S Leading Ladies campaign purely because Emma Thompson is perfection.
This is a really powerful video (Sorry about the language, Grandma!)

Weekly wishlist
-This pink gingham dress is just perfect for me! 
-Speaking of gingham dresses, I really want this red checked dress so I can confuse everyone at school. Is she a teacher? Is she a really tall child? 
-Look how amazing this Spice Girls tape cassette bag is!
-I think I need this The Great Gatsby print in my life. 
-Totally buying these Marc by Marc Jacobs lightning bolt earrings for our wedding. 
-Jessi's old-school wooden signs are so cute!
-A Wayne's World necklace? Yes, yes, yes! 

Other favourites

How many of these books have you read? I've read 27. 

Similarly, how many of these 90s childrens' films have you seen? My score was 57.

How many kisses do we need on a text message? I'm a xx kind of person. Or x if I don't like you.

Gorgeous ways to arrange books!

This tour of the British Isles in accents is incredible! Essential viewing for all those teen girls who want "a boy with a British accent"! He doesn't do my accent though, which makes me sad. (Mine is an odd mix of RP and Essex, with a bit of West Country thrown in when I'm excited). 

I want this Hallelujah-singing priest to officiate our wedding! 

My town is in the top 10 cheating capitals of the UK. It's only a little town! Keeping it classy...

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  1. I love Kailey's outfit!! So very cute! I also really enjoyed those Harry Potter tour photos. Thank you for sharing! I love this feature!

    1. I love seeing people's photos from the studio tour.

  2. Ooh thank you so much for including me! I never usually get included in these fun round up posts! :'33 <3

    1. No problem! I can't believe you don't get included usually!

  3. I love those unicorn cookies!! And the post about eloquence is entirely true... it's a reason I have yet to conquer the 'vlog.' I prefer writing so much, as I seem to be able to convey what I'm thinking far more effectively. xxx

    1. Yep, I'm the same with writing. My videos are just like "Yeah, so, erm, hi"


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