Brookwood Military and Zoroastrian Cemetery

I live a 7 minute train ride away from the largest cemetery in the UK: Brookwood Cemetery. My train to London goes straight past this ginormous cemetery, so I've been meaning to go for years. This morning, I finally got round to it. It was an absolutely beautiful day- Perfect for exploring!

As this place is so huge (450 acres, no less- It took me a whole 4 hours to walk around!), I've decided to split this post into three parts, relating to each of the three sections of the cemetery: The Military and Zoroastrian Cemetery, the North Cemetery and the South Cemetery.

The military cemetery has plots for many nationalities: American, Canadian, French, Belgian, Polish, Australian and, of course, British.

Memorial for the missing of the war.

I'd never heard of Zoroastrianism before today: It's an ancient Iranian religion, and there's a huge cemetery in Brookwood for practisers of the faith.
 This acrostic headstone is so clever. I've never seen anything like it before.
 I love the inscription of this headstone: World-renowned Orientalists and eminent spiritual leaders.
On Saturday, I'll be posting the photos I took from the North Cemetery so keep an eye out for that. If you're interested in reading more about Brookwood Cemetery, the Wikipedia page has a lot of interesting information. 


  1. I love the cemetery, one of my favourite places to wander around. Looking forward to the next set of pictures!

    I do believe I have spammed you with comments today as well. First time I've found for blog reading all week... :(

  2. Amazing pictures! These one of the most-mesmerizing pictures of Cemeteries. I happened to visit David M Gibson, and they are excellent in engraving on stones. I have one from them. I enjoyed reading the blog.


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