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Travel never used to be at the forefront of my mind. I had a little flitter with it in 2011 when I went to Orlando, Amsterdam and Madrid in the period of 5 months (thank you student bursary) but, other than that, I wasn't too fussed. Until two years ago when Rich took me to Berlin and Paris for our anniversary and suddenly all I wanted to do was see the world. Last year I managed to travel a fair bit but there's still a lot more I want to experience. If I won the lottery tomorrow, these are the first visits I would make.
Travel wishlist


Pigs are my favourite animal so the thought of a world where pigs happily swim alongside humans, in the Caribbean no less, is like paradise for me. Warm weather, beautiful blue seas, cute piggies all around. Heaven!


Want to hear a cute story? My grandparents loved to cruise, and their favourite ship was the P&O Oriana. In their retirement, I'm pretty sure they would have lived on that boat if it had been a viable option. Recently, Rich and I drove to Ikea in Southampton and the Oriana was boarding. No big deal, it departs from Southampton so it's there all the time. But shortly after that, when Ami and I were in Hamburg, we took photos of the beautiful sunset and a huge cruise ship in the dock. It was only when I got home and started editing the photos that I zoomed in to see the word ORIANA written across the stern. I'm not one to believe my grandparents are somehow living on a boaty afterlife and sending it to check up on me but it was a poignant story nonetheless. I would love to follow in their footsteps and take a romantic cruise with Rich. Ideally, in a lottery-winning world, it will be a huge world circumnavigation, or at least a transatlantic trip, but in reality we're looking at maybe booking a short pre-Christmas Baltic stint next year.


It's funny that I've never been one for beach holidays but I've included two such locations here. Hawaii just seems remarkable. Beautiful landscape, interesting culture and wartime history. As a teenager, I loved the film Pearl Harbor and, although now I realise it's hardly a great classic, it sparked an interest in Hawaii's role during WWII. 


I've visited a few countries, but they've all been very similar in culture to the UK. Tokyo, of course, is completely different. I can't even imagine how overwhelming it must feel to visit but I would love to find out! I've only heard great things from people who have made it over there so I'm hoping one day I get to experience it for myself.


A disclaimer: I don't think I could ever drive in America. It's a long running joke that if I ever tried to drive through the desert, I would manage to hit the sole cactus for miles around. I am a terrible, terrible driver. However, if somebody else was driving, I would be all over that. I'm sure it's nowhere near as romantic as it sounds but there's something about the thought of driving for miles down empty roads, stopping for kitschy roadside attractions and sleeping in dingy motels that just appeals to me. Like Thelma and Louise. But without the cops. 

Where would you visit with your lottery wins? I'm always looking for inspiration for trips I will never be able to afford so let me know! 

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  1. We have very similar lists! Japan, and Hawaii really appeals to me which is odd because like you I'm not actually a beach person. We're also planning on doing a cruise probably next year.

    We did a US road trip the last two years though and would definitely recommend!

    Nicola //

  2. Cool post! "Like Thelma and Louise without the cops"...I'm still laughing from that one. I really like your punch list - even the pigs!

  3. I'm after Stockholm and Toyko. My dream destinations for now. Tokyo is out of my reach right now but Stockholm I've been wanting to do for such a long time and each summer I say I'll go but it's never the right circumstances for me. Next summer I'm determined to go and will start planning. I've not travelled in 2 years (I rarely get to go on holiday) and I'm going to a wedding in France this summer all by myself. I've just discovered airbnb and it's become addictive looking at everything on offer. I'm dying to travel and hopefully I can in bits and pieces starting from this year

  4. Italy, Alaska, Colorado and I feel like i'm missing one. Italy is my top destination that I just want to explore every nook and cranny, especially of the Amalfi Coast, but ideally I would do it all. I love log cabins and the idea of staying in one in a cold, snowy place like Alaska would be amazing, the scenery looks so beautiful there. I've recently got into wanting to travel a lot more too. There is so much adventure to be had in discovering new places and different cultures, which is exciting.
    I would definitely recommend a US road trip, like Route 66, we did it with our Dad a few years ago and it was so cool. Dad did the driving so we didn't have to worry about that, but the 50's shops and diners a long the way were awesome! :)


  5. I'm really hoping I can hit LA and Hawaii at the end of the year but it all depends on a relationship working out. Would be lovely though. <3

  6. I've never heard of Pig Beach before, it looks incredible! Now I really want to go too, I love pigs so much!
    I went to Tokyo 5 years ago when I inherited some money, and I'm currently saving up to go back again. It's my favourite place in the entire world, there's no where else like it.

  7. How did I not know pig beach was a thing?! Omg. Must visit. I'm not a fan of beaches (well, sand) but I always want to visit places like the Caribbean, Hawaii and all similar.

  8. I love the idea of a big US road trip, but like you - I wouldn't want to actually do the driving! Plus, I'd wan to stop at so many places it'd take me months to get anywhere!


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