Review: Yankee Candle Wax Tarts

Way back at the beginning of November, when Alyssia, Beth and I went to Guildford, I mentioned that I wanted to start using Yankee Candle tarts instead of candles. Unbenownst to me, Alyssia had been given me as her secret santa, so I pretty much handed her a gift idea on a plate. When I opened my gift from her, I was over the moon to find 5 festive wax tarts and a wax burner. Absolutely perfect!

Christmas Memories
This was the first tart I burned and I was so impatient that I didn't hang around to take a photo. I'd had a sniff of the Christmas Memories candle in Harrods and it was going to be next on my candles-to-buy list. I was delighted with the tart: The scent was so strong and it filled the whole downstairs of our house. The scent is very warm and spicy, with powerful notes of gingerbread. A perfect festive gourmand fragrance!

Christmas Tree
It turns out I don't like the smell of pine. It's not really a surprise, as I'm much more a fan of the sweet and spicy scents, rather than earthy ones, but I thought I might like this one since it's festive. Nope, I don't. It's very Christmas tree-like though, with pine and eucalyptus, so probably good if you're into that smell. 

Christmas Eve
I bought this as a candle last year and I absolutely loved it! It's very similar to Red Apple Wreath, which is my favourite of all time, but it also has the addition of sweet sugared plums and fruits. It's so lovely! Unfortunately, I think I might have got a dud tart as it had barely any scent at all, unless I practically stuck my nose in the burner, at which point it just smelled a little funky. Hopefully I've just got a one-off faulty one. 

Winter Wonderland
This has one of the stronger fragrance pay-offs, although the actual scent is a fresh, powdery combination of peppermint and pine. It's hard to imagine, I know, but it works really well and smells lovely. As I mentioned above, I'm not a fan of pine scents but the coolness of the mint tones it down to create a lovely, crisp fragrance. 

I haven't tried Snow in Love yet, so I'll add that to a future review. I'm certainly converted to wax tarts now. Thanks, Alyssia! 


  1. I can't believe I haven't tried yankee candles yet. It's on my list but I always decide not to spend the money! I should at least purchase the little ones to give it a go! Especially after reading your post

    Dash xx

  2. Gutted that you didn't like one of the tarts! If only I had known <3 glad you were pleased overall though xxx

    1. Don't be silly- You weren't to know! I absolutely loved the others! Thank you so much! xx

  3. These look lovely. I once bought one by mistake and never used it. Regretting that now x

  4. I'm intrigued by the tarts :) I'm burning Sparkling Snow small jar as we speak!

  5. Oh goodness, I love these badboys SO MUCH.x

  6. I loved all the Yankee candle winter scents except the Christmas Tree one which smalls like disinfectant, pine smells are not good! I've never tried the tarts, just the candles but would love to give them a go. xxx

  7. Same I'm a MASSIVE fan of the tarts! and it's pretty much all I buy now! personal favs are cranberry and orange, vanilla cupcake, merry marshmallow, salted caramel! just love yankee so much!! xxx


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