Becca visited Whitstable and it made my heart ache! Whitstable is a place that holds many happy memories for me.
Matilda Temperley's photos of the recent flooding are sad but beautiful. 

My Chemical Romance have released the trailer for their greatest hits album, May Death Never Stop You. I'd never understood the point of greatest hits CDs before and, if I'm honest, I was pretty annoyed when I found out they were releasing one. However, as it turns out, I'm clinging to this release as my final MCR-related anticipation. I've already pre-ordered the bundle. Gerard Way's tweet on the previously unreleased song, Fake Your Death, made me cry on the train and I'm not ashamed to admit it! 
On my laptop, I discovered a video of Myles, aged 8, twerking in my frilly petticoat and it's the greatest thing I've ever seen! 

Other stuff

I just really hope Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar.

Not going to lie, I kind of want The Brick phone. It has Snake! 

Red pandas love snow!

This is why the internet is amazing- Within 14 minutes, it had started to decode a grandmother's last message.

The definitive ranking of tube lines. Although my 2 and 3 would be Central and Jubilee, I totally agree with first place. It's like a magical wizarding train pulled by thestrals! Move out the way, I'm the driver! Choo choo! 

Signs you were born in the late '80s. So very true! 


  1. Leo needs an Oscar--he really deserves it.
    And, that Myles gif is the best thing I've seen in a while!

  2. oh my god that Leo page made me laugh so hard, Tumblr frightens me sometimes but some of the stuff on their is just too funny. I wonder what will happen when he finally gets an oscar? The trailer for their greatest hits actually made me tear up a little and then I went on for about an hour just listening to old mcr songs. The first two albums were my favourite, even though I still liked danger days I'm glad they stopped when they did...
    Amy x
    Everything and Amy

    1. I know what you mean about Tumblr!

      First two albums were my favourite too. I hated The Black Parade haha! I still wish they'd go on forever, way past their prime!

  3. Oh this gif WINS the twerking battle!!

  4. The grandmother's index cards - I can't even! The internet is such a crazy amazing place.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  5. GAH! how have I only just seen this? You complete sweetheart! Whitstable rocks!! simply adore it! and so glad you do too!! xxxx big love by the way for shoutout x

    1. It's one of my favourite places! I love it so much!



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