16th February 2012

I visited my Grandma on Sunday as she's been away for the entire month on an Arctic cruise. My Grandma is obsessed with clothes. She has 6 wardrobes and 6 chests of drawers (whole chests, not just drawers) filled to the brim with clothes. Seriously. As well as being obsessed with quantity, she favours quality. The great thing about this is that she'll often hand me down her unwanted clothes. Among others, I've ended up with a Chloe blouse, a lace blouse from 1960s and an adorable little Zara dress (ok, so that last one is hardly bank-busting but it is super cute!).

My latest acquisition is this amazing leopard print coat. It's faux fur- so hold your red paint!- but it is the softest, warmest material I have ever felt in my life! I absolutely love it!

This is only with me on loan throughout winter so I need to make the most of it!

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