Yesterday was my first Saturday of earning money so I decided to celebrate in style with a Nando's and a shopping spree. I'm a classy bird like that!

Here's a little peek at what I got:

Having been cursed with naturally curly hair, and spending my entire teenage years searching wildly for something to tame it, I am a Frizz Ease addict. I must own almost the entire curly range. I love Boots for this as they nearly always have 3 for 2 offers on and I get to build up my collection of Advantage Card points. This week I've replaced my Dream Curls spray (this stuff is a miracle worker!) and my Curl Reviver mousse. I also bought this Miraculous Recovery masque which is a new one for me so I'm looking forward to using it.

I love Soap & Glory bath products (well, I love how they look... I rarely use fancy bath products) and I adore their Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss so all the hype about their newly released make up line has struck a chord with me. I experimented with this Supercat eyeliner on the back of my hand and it was pretty amazing- a really dark black and easy to use. I couldn't resist giving it a go! I wore it this morning and I was pretty disappointed with how it applies on top of make up but I won't write it off just yet.

I also bought a bottle of Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum. I love this fragrance and I fell in love with the Print Collection bottles as soon as I saw them. I chose the Look 2, the purple design. It's stunningly beautiful and smells amazing!

Now some accessories! I mentioned during the week that I was after a red cable knit scarf. I was chuffed to find this lovely soft one in the Topshop sale for £5. Billy bargain! I also bought a new hat as I stupidly left the house without one and when it started to snow, my ears got very cold! This cute orange bobble hat was only £3 in Topshop so I snapped it up.

A trip to Primark led me to these adorable little hair band bows. I couldn't decide which one to buy so I got all of them. The exception is the leopard print one which was from Topshop. My first piece of leopard print since I was 10 years old and playing Spice Girls (I was always assigned the role of Scary Spice due to my curly hair so I persuaded my mum to buy me the entirety of the leopard print M&S girls' collection).

When I started work, I picked up a briefcase style bag from Primark. It did the job well to begin with but with the weight of all the books I carry home, the strap suddenly snapped on my way to the train station last week. I picked up this replacement in New Look. Ok, so the quality won't be much better but it is a whole lot prettier and it matches my Accessorize purse exactly.

The mint green pumps are from Primark and my first foray into the pastels seen all over the SS12 catwalks.

I saw the dalmatian shoes in River Island and caused such a scene that the shop assistant turned to see what was going on. She was ecstatic that these shoes matched my coat and exclaimed that they were "made for" me. When I took them up to the till, she was most glad that I'd decided to buy them. I can't wait to wear them! Probably not with the coat though. That might be a bit too Cruella.

Finally, two Topshop dresses to round things off. I have the navy version of the skater dress on the left here and I love it. It suits my shape perfectly and it's so comfy. It's the perfect dress for work too- Not low cut, not too short and still stylish. I was delighted to find this purple version in the sales.

I also found this black velvet dress. I have wanted a black velvet skater dress since December 2009 but I have never been able to find one in my size. I can't tell you how excited I was to find this dress- only the one- in my size hanging on the sale rail. I'm wearing it as I type this and just can't stop stroking it. It's divine. Now I want a velvet dress and skirt in every colour under the sun!

Getting all this back on the bus was interesting! I could barely move under the weight of the bags on my lap. Which reminds me, I must order my provisional driving license. (Is there anyone else in the UK older than 23 without a provisional? Probably not. )


  1. all so lovely! i have thwe same velvet dress but in red! always waer it haha xx

  2. Hey dear! I have curly hair too and John Frieda is my hero :)
    Love your blog! Wanna follow each other?
    My Blog is:
    And my FB page is:
    Lots of love

  3. Haha love that you linked back to this. Your photos may be little, but they're not too bad for a beginner, I have seen some shockers!


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