18th February 2012

I bought this awesome leopard print top last week in Primark. I saw it hanging up across the shop floor and made a beeline towards it, dragging my reluctant little bro behind me.

They had a billion size 8s and 10s and then, right at the back, I found a 12. I thought it might be a little tight as the material has very little stretch and I usually buy a 14, but it fit perfectly.

It combines my two favourite things right now- leopard print and a peter pan collar. Plus, it was only £8. Billy bargain!

My skirt is also a bargain from Ebay. It's from one of those little cheapy clothes sellers. It's pretty short but, aside from that, much better quality than I was expecting.

I wore it with these suede New Look Mary Janes. I rarely wear heels so this was quite an event. I went to town in them and everything!

Here, have a picture of my face!


  1. I love this look!

  2. This top is so fun! Love the collar!

  3. You're lookin' really great in your leo top and seems to be so cozy;)

  4. lvoe the leopard top! :)

  5. Love the blouse! I am obsessed with leopard print :P It really suits you :) xx

  6. Love this, I just love leopard print!

    Thank you for the follow, already following on GFC so followed on blog lovin x

  7. This outfit is really pretty!

  8. sv; Thing is.. doesnt work like that in this country. You can't get a single good paying job unless you have high education. And its really really hard to get a job at all when you're under education. So I'm in a sucky job while studying and aint earning enough for anything else than my rent. So my boyfriend pays all the food etc aswell, without him i'd be homeless. :p And it will probably stay this way until i'm done at the university in approx 4 years if i pass all years. So meh! Going to be hard. You're lucky :)

    Btw love your outfit!

  9. sv; Thanks sweetie. :) I hope i'll pass all my exams, though i sometimes feel like its impossible this year. This is a home-education year so I'm all on my own and with struggles its pretty hard to do what i'm supposed to do some days. So i'm far back with my studies and i'm stressed as hell as I got exams in May. But I hope I'll pass and get into school next year, will be easier then i hope.

    Yeah, I just feel bad for him paying everything for me cause he doesnt earn that much either. So since he has to pay for me he can't afford save anything and he doesnt get to pay off his car etc etc, so its just all frustrating. And I've gained some weight latley too, so soon i got nothing at all to wear and I cant afford clothes so got nothing in the right size, thats also disturbing. :p But i hope we'll get through it, i hope he manage to stay with me.

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  11. Really, it's one of my favourite songs too :)

  12. Love this outfit <3 ! xoxox

  13. Wow, love your blouse - peter pan collar muaah! And absolutely loving your glasses, for some reason this shape doesn't look good on my face, but I just love the style!!!!
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  14. Ohh, I love this leopard top. i'm a sucker for leopard print especially when there's a peter pan collar to top it off! Just wonderful :)

    Thank you for your great comments. I've really been enjoying reading your blog!


  15. I like the Peter Pan collar too!

  16. I love everything about your outfit! The leopard print, the peter pan collar, and how the skirt flares out a bit :) now following.

  17. I love the look plus the glasses suits you! :)

    Hope you drop by my blog too!

  18. Very cute outfit!! I love the leopard print, and I just can't resist a peter pan collar =D The shoes are lovely too =)

  19. Lovely outfit ❤
    you look really cute with it :)



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