11th February 2012

I'm off to see Brand New tonight. I'm leaving in about an hour and I am very excited. I've seen them twice before- both times at Reading Festival- and the setlist was awful. I've seen some of the setlists from previous shows on this UK tour and they have been incredible so I'm extremely excited about tonight's.

The problem with gigs in the winter is that my instinct in this weather is to wrap up warm and cosy. Of course, that will cause issues when I'm sandwiched between 3299 other people in a very hot and very sweaty room. Yet I don't want to be waiting outside in minus degree weather, slowly watching my extremities turn blue and drop off.

My solution today is layers. Layers that can be easily removed and shoved in the cloakroom.

Layer 1:

An Elvis vest top from Reading Festival. It's a little nod to my favourite Brand New song "Me vs Maradona vs Elvis" which has been listed on the setlists. I'm telling you, I will sob.

Layer 2:

Bung on a cheap Primark cardigan so I don't have bare arms under my coat all day.

Layer 3:
Add my trusty Topshop dalmatian coat.

My bobble hat is also Topshop (I love it!) and my jeans, brogues and bag are all New Look.


  1. Love your Crüella coat! Look so Cosy.
    Have fun at the gig.

    Milli. Xx


  2. cute coat x


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