Winchester Christmas Market 2015

Every year, I pop back to my university city of Winchester to visit the Christmas Market and it's one of the highlights of the festive season. This year, we decided to head down a little earlier than usual but this turned out to be an odd decision as it just didn't feel like Christmas. 
Christmas pomander wreath

The pomander stall is my absolute favourite. You can smell it before you see it and that's the fragrance that confirms Christmas is coming. I picked up 3 of the Christmas tree decorations ready to go up on my tree and they smell incredible.
Cute blackboard sign
Something I always do at the market is pick up a square of the (overpriced) stollen. It's not even that good but the tradition started when I was at uni and I couldn't possibly go without! 
Tash's ear muffs
This stall was hired by a Christian organisation (or maybe a church? Something Christian, anyway) and had a big sign saying "What lights up your life?" The idea was to write down something that makes you happy on a gold tag and then hang it up for everybody to see. I had a lovely chat with the man supervising the stall and he told us some great tales of what people had written on their tags.
Heyland & Whittle Christmas Market
Since we went too early, I'm heading back next week. I can't make any promises that I won't buy more pomanders.

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  1. Is it bad I had to google what a pomander was? lol I was like tf? Aw I'm sorry it wasn't all Christmasy to the max but at least you get to go AGAIN right? :D

    Hope you're well missy! MWAH x

    Lucie xx |

  2. Love the idea of the stall dedicated to lots of happy things. I would love to go thru and read them all, see what makes other people smile. I haven't done any Xmas markets yet but hoping to get to one this weekend. x


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