Christmas Eve 2015

This year, I had my Christmas Eve outfit picked out weeks in advance. I bought the accessories super early and spent time identifying the perfect dress to go with them. I knew I wanted a fitted silver, sequinned dress. Unfortunately, that's surprisingly difficult to find in plus sizes. Eventually I found this one from Asda but when I went to buy it on payday, it had completely sold out. Gutted isn't the word. I tried everywhere to find a suitable replacement but couldn't find a thing I liked. Instead I settled on this red lace Primark dress that I bought for Christmas two years ago. Plus size Christmas Eve outfit
It does somewhat ruin the magic of dressing up for Christmas when you're wearing a dress you wear to work on a probably-too-regular basis but at least I had these incredible accessories from ASOS!
SkinnyDip ASOS Christmas Tree Bag
They may not be sophisticated but, man, are they festive! My Christmas tree bag is a SkinnyDip design exclusive to ASOS and turned out to be much bigger than I was expecting. It's surprisingly spacious too and it perfectly matches my festive pom pom shoes!ASOS Christmas pom pom Lapland shoes
Look how beautiful they are! They're called Lapland and are actually in the sale at the moment (although not many sizes are left, understandably!). I think they perfectly finished off my outfit, although they would have looked nicer with that silver dress! 
Christmas Eve make up look
For my make up, I chose a classic red lipstick- MAC Ruby Woo in this case- with a layer of Collection Glam Crystals in Rock Chick over the top of my eyeliner for some festive sparkle.

Maybe next year I'll start preparing even earlier! 

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  1. Hope you and Rich have a lovely Christmas! That dress is amazing, and is basically exactly what I was looking for to wear for my work Christmas do...if only I could've travelled back in time and picked it up in Primark! x

  2. I LOVE those shoes!! Love a good festive look! Xx

  3. Your whole outfit, and your Christmas tree are absolutely perfect! Merry Christmas! :)

  4. That dress looks amazing on you! The bag is awesome too. I rocked Ruby Woo on Christmas day. Not the Collection Glam Crystals, though I do have a couple of them and I love them! xx

    Kimberley //

  5. This outfit is A+++. I love the bag so, so much! I didn't really get dressed up this year and it felt weird.


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