Top posts of 2015

I'm not going to start this post by saying "Wow, this year went so fast" because, let's face it, everybody does that! Instead, I'm going to keep it simple: Here are some of my favourite posts from 2015. Enjoy!
Hula hooping in York
Ways to support other bloggers
4 ways to support fellow bloggers. This was a really popular post. In fact, it's one of the most popular posts I've written partly because a big beauty blogger tweeted about it. What a great way to start the year!
What to expect from CBT
Therapy Diaries. I started CBT at the beginning of the year and, although it didn't work out for me in the end, I documented the process. 
Hogwarts in the Snow. I surprised Leona with a trip to the Warner Bros Studio Tour and it was absolutely magical! 

Can fat people wear biker jackets?
Can fat people wear biker jackets? I haven't given this series anywhere near enough love. I'll try to change that in 2016. 
Bath architecture River Avon
Bath Day Trip. Helen and I spent the day exploring everything Bath has to offer.
The Breakfast Club London
Pancakes at The Breakfast Club. On Pancake Day, Rich and I went into London for some fancy pancakes. They were delicious!

Becky Bedbug Glasses
On body confidence and maintenance. I suddenly had an epiphany- I can finally take control of my appearance and become more body confident! 
Why it's ok to unfollow on Twitter
Why it's ok to unfollow. It's easy to feel pressure to keep following people but you shouldn't have to if you don't want to!
How to make a blog media kit
How to create an effective media kit for your blog. The success of this post completely took me by surprise! If you're wondering what to put in your media kit, check it out! 
Hogwarts Express Warner Bros Studio Tour
Warner Bros Studio Tour: Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 3/4. Leona and I returned to the Warner Bros Studio Tour for a preview of the Hogwarts Express expansion. It's perfect!

Ideal Home Show 2015
Ideal Home Show. Here I met my childhood hero. Yep that's Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen. I was an odd child!
101 in 1001 challenge
101 in 1001 Finale. After three years, I completed my first 101 in 1001 challenge and wrote what is possibly the longest blog post ever!
Oxford St Exclusives Lush
Lush Oxford Street. I went into London to visit Lush's new flagship store in London on the day it opened. What a treat! 
Always charm
Why I didn't change my name after marriage. It's probably not why you think! 

UK general election 2015- who are you voting for?
Who are you voting for? In the run up to the General Election, I posted a series of political posts. This one, in which bloggers shared who they were voting for and why, was my favourite.
Blogging for the wrong reasons
Blogging for the wrong reasons. After hearing a whole load of rubbish about the "wrong reasons", I needed to vent!
Graduate Fashion Week 2015
Graduate Fashion Week. George at Asda sent me to cover Graduate Fashion Week which was a huge honour!
NARS Weightless Luminous in Mont Blanc
How I matched my foundation online. I have mastered the art of buying perfectly-matched foundation online without swatching. Here's how. 

York Castle
A Stay in York. I'd never been to York so it was lovely to spend a couple of days there with Travelodge. 
Truth about panic attacks
The truth about panic attacks. I see a lot of misconceptions surrounding panic attacks so I wrote a post about my own experience. 
Truth about perfectionsim
The truth about perfectionism. Likewise, I was surprised to discover in therapy that perfectionism is a real problem, not just a cute quirk. 
Do bloggers need a niche
Do bloggers need a niche? As this post is illustrating very nicely, I don't have a niche in the slightest!

Hints for new drivers
Advice for new drivers and learners. In June, I passed my driving test (and crashed, but we won't talk about that!) so I wrote a post on my advice for learners. 
Grayson Perry pots
What is art? Art is one of my great passions in life. In this post, I write about what it means to me. 
Copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Review. This was the most personal book review I've ever written. I poured my heart and soul into it. 

How to procrastinate productively
11 productive things to do when you have bloggers' block. We all get it. Rather than lazing around, here are some productive ways to procrastinate.
Reichstag motto Dem Deutschen Volke
48 Hours in Berlin. After years of dreaming, I finally got to visit Germany when Rich surprised me for our anniversary.
Rainy Paris at night
48 Hours in Paris. Paris completely surpassed my expectations. I loved it so much and took some of my favourite photos ever.
Tombs at Pere Lachaise Cemetery
Pere Lachaise Cemetery. While in Paris, I got to visit Pere Lachaise and see Oscar Wilde's tomb. It was incredibly beautiful! 
why don't bloggers reply to comments?
Is replying to comments necessary? A lot of bloggers think it's the ultimate rudeness not to reply to blog comments. I disagree.

List of best book endings ever
5 best endings in literature. The ending of a book can make it or break it for me. These are my favourites- the most powerful, poignant and emotional endings I've read. 
Easy guide to get follows on Twitter for bloggers
7 ways to increase Twitter followers. As I hit 10k Twitter followers, I shared some of the lessons I've learned. 
Funny search terms in Google Analytics
Ask Becky: The Google Analytics Edition. I get a lot of odd questions in my analytics! Here I've answered some of them. 

England school photo
All the lessons I've learned in my life. One lesson for every year I can remember, featuring some seriously dodgy photos!
Haymarket Theatre Oscar Wilde Blue Plaque
Haunted Theatreland Tour. I adored finding out all about the ghosts that haunt London's West End!
Creepy, spooky, morbid, death-related things to do in London
Morbid London. With Halloween approaching, I shared my favourite creepy things to do in London.
Coronation Street Tour Review
Coronation Street Tour. I'm so glad I got to walk the cobbles before it closed. 

Nemesis Inferno in Thorpe Park fog
Thorpe Park Fright Night. Marie and I continued our Halloween tradition of visiting Thorpe Park. 
Signing the register wedding photo
My best friend's wedding. My two best friends married and it made me happier than my own wedding. 
Bristol outdoor ice rink
Christmas at Bristol. I was sent for a festive day in Bristol visiting the Christmas market and playing on the ice. 
Overgrown graveyard
Arnos Vale Cemetery. Because a trip to another city wouldn't be the same without stopping off in a cemetery, right? This is one of my absolute favourites!

Victorian Characters
Victorian Festival of Christmas. After 7 years, I finally visited Portsmouth Historic Dockyards for the Festival of Christmas!
Cut your own Christmas tree farm in Surrey
Christmas Tree Farm. I only went and cut my very own real Christmas tree!
Child dressed as nurse
Memorable Christmas moments. A look back at some of my most special Christmas memories.
Crime Museum Uncovered
Crime Museum Uncovered

What a year! Here's to an even greater 2016!
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  1. These looks like some great posts that I will get around to reading. From having a quick scroll down, you bought your duvet cover/pillow in IKEA. Am I correct. Yeah I'm weird I know that lol

  2. I will hopefully be starting internet based cbt-therapy soon. And if it works out I will get some of my life back.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I've been reading your blog for a while now but I see now that there are some interesting posts I've missed./Love Ida

  3. You've had some fantastic posts this year and you definitely deserve all of your successes! I hope 2016 is a fantastic year for you too!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

  4. It was fun to look over your posts :) Happy New Year to you!! xo ♥

  5. Great posts and now I've got lots more of your posts to read from this one! :) x x


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