2015 goals reviewed

I thought 2015 had been a bad year but, actually, when I looked at my goals for this year, I've pretty much achieved them all. Guess sometimes- or most of the time, perhaps- the perception of how well you've done is negatively biased. It's easy to think that things haven't gone to plan but this is why goals are so important: when you revisit them, you can see how much progress you've really made.
2015 blog goals


I don't think I will ever be happy with my photography, but I definitely think I've come a long way this year. My softboxes have really helped and I'm astounded by the difference my 50mm lens has made. The photos I took in Berlin and Paris are my favourite ever and I'm really proud of how far I've come. This is something I'm planning to develop further in 2016, but more on that in another post.


As is usual for my blog, January was a huge month for traffic but then it died down again in the spring. However, August completely blew me away. It was my highest month ever for traffic. It's quietened down in the winter so I'm hoping next year to keep a more consistent pattern. My daily promotion has helped a huge amount. Not only have I seen more traffic but I've also had big jumps in Twitter followers. Pinterest started off really well but I've definitely found it's plateaued. I'll have to make this more of a priority in 2016.


My goal was to go part time in the day job at some point but I wasn't expecting it to work out so soon. A combination of ongoing health problems and the desire to spend more time blogging meant I bit the bullet and cut down my hours. Obviously this has resulted in a pay cut but with a combination of developed relationships with brands and some freelance writing, I've been able to make up some of the shortfall. Next year I have some big plans that are related to this! 


All done and official! I registered as self-employed and now I have all the delights of self-assessment and tax returns! Unfortunately the PO Box has just been hassle after hassle. I've sent off five (I think? I lost count!) forms only for the post office to lose them or, in one case, send back my council tax and landline bills with a note saying they needed to see council tax and landline bills. Erm... I might try again but these troubles haven't exactly filled me with confidence!


I'm really proud of how well I've kept up my Charity of the Month series. With the exception of the summer, where I kept Amnesty as my charity for several months due the refugee crisis (which is ongoing, I hasten to add), I've used each month to highlight a different charity. This is something I'm definitely keeping up in 2016. The other series I mentioned in my 2015 goals post is something I didn't do because, well, I completely forgot I was going to. I like the idea though so maybe I'll adopt it next year! 

Later in the week I'll be posting my 2016 goals. They are big and I'm incredibly excited. Excited to the point where I start crying whenever I think about it too much. 2016 is going to be my year!

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  1. Well done, 2015 has been a good year for you. I look forward to seeing your 2016 goals!

  2. Well done Becky, you've done so well, and congratulations on making the move to part-time! I plan on investing in some lighting and pushing my YouTube over the next year :)

    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane

  3. Well done on achieving your goals and so glad to hear that part-time is working out for you. I'm hoping to do the same next year!

  4. You go, Glen Coco! So excited to see what 2016 brings for you! xxx

  5. I'm so happy things have gone well for you this year! I've definitely been able to see how hard you've been working and it's great to know it's been paying off. I have some big plans for 2016 as well and I'm approaching these goals very differently from last year so I can't wait to see what results come from it.

    Rebecca K Sampson


  6. Aww check you out achieving your goals - amazing! Incredible that you have become registered as a business!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog


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