Fourth Blog Birthday

On 27th December 2011, I sat at my laptop and started a blog. I'd had several blogs before- including one dedicated to my teenage angsty heartache- but they'd all fizzled out after a couple of months. As I wrote about my concerns for finding nice clothes to wear as I started out on my teaching career, I fully believed that this new blog would go the same way as all the others. After all, I was beginning my first teaching position in a week's time, and I'd be far too busy to keep it up.
Becky Bedbug is 4
As it turns out, I was wrong. Four years later, my blog- this blog- is going stronger than ever. I never could have imagined how many wonderful opportunities I would get on the basis of waffles about my life. I've been sent to review luxury spas, music festivals and hotels. I've worked with some of my favourite fashion and beauty brands. I've even been invited to preview the Warner Bros Studio Tour
Blog Birthday
Most of all, however, I've made the very best of friends. I'd be here forever if I listed them all but, notably, the following people stand out (in alphabetical order because I can't be doing this top 8 nonsense):

Alice who is always hilariously inappropriate and not afraid to speak her mind. She also works tirelessly to put on fab events like the Southampton Bloggers Meet Up.

Ami who reminds me of myself at 17 (only less emo!). She's like my little blogging sister!

Claire who is my little Irish pocket pal. Such a bubbly, energetic and endlessly positive person who I need to see much more of after our great time at the Bloggers' Blog Awards!

Helen who really feels like a friend for life. We may not talk every day but I absolutely love our day trips together, like Bath or the Warner Bros Studio Tour.

Lauren who I'm pretty sure is a superhero. Her Big Blogger Conference and Winter Wonderland events were incredible and I can't wait to attend more next year. 

Sophie who I've sadly never met in real life but can always rely on to stand up for her beliefs and ethics. I'm in awe of her tenacity and non-apologetic approach to life.

Tori who is an absolute shining beacon of love and support. She has the ability to make everybody feel completely, absolutely honoured and cherished. Finally meeting her in Winchester was lovely and we must meet up again soon!

Vix who understands all the emotions I go through as a primary-teacher-blogger-combo and has the dryest sense of humour.  

There are so many other wonderful people who I've met, all of whom have been lovely. If I've met you, this includes you! You're all great! 

Special mention needs to go to my squad: Chelsea, Dannie and, of course, Leona. I would be nowhere with these girls, who I talk to every single day. I know that nothing I do could ever shock or disappoint them and they'll never judge me. Unless I'm talking about my doctor, that is!
Blog birthday Becky Bedbug
A huge thank you to everybody who continues to read my blog, tweet me and just generally make my time in the blogging community a wonderful one. I cannot wait for 2016- there are some big changes coming!

Man, every year my blog birthday posts get more like an Oscar acceptance speech. Next year will be something remarkable!


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  1. Ah this absolutely made my day! Congratulations on an amazing blog birthday, such an achievement. You've created a fabulous blog and brand for yourself, long may it continue!! See you in Jan
    Lauren xxxxx

  2. Congrats on 4 years!!! here's to 4 (40??? 400????) more! The girls you mentioned are absolute babes and I'm so glad blogging has brought some brilliant people into your life :)))

    Fii x

  3. Aww!! Happy blog birthday!! I enjoyed the oscar speech lol! Xx

  4. Aww, that's awesome, Happy Blog Birthday! :D

    Absolutely love reading your blog and your tweets. Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2016!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet | Simply-M

  5. Congratulations on hitting 4! X

  6. The box says banner but I'd go with bunting too.

  7. Looks like you are doing really well. Maybe you can get rid of the bed bugs now?

  8. Happy fourth blog birthday, Becky! That's so awesome! I had another blog before mine too that didn't work out, but this one has stuck (thank god). But four years, wow! :D

    Sofie x

  9. Happy bloggy birthday! That's a pretty damn awesome achievement.
    M x


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